Aug 012013

I’ve kinda been keeping a secret from y’all.  Well, not really a secret, just something that I haven’t shared until now because I really wanted Rick to be the one to write this post but he’s a “hunt-and-peck” typer now that he busted his wrist so I get the joy of telling the story.

But instead of regaling you with every minute detail of the last last 2 months, you get the Reader’s Digest version.

It all started May 27th when Rick shaved off the beard that he’d worn for the last 9 months only to discover a lump on the left side of his neck.

He actually listened to yours truly to see a Doctor about it, which set off 10 days of more Doctor appointments involving a CT scan, biopsy and PET scan, not to mention poking, prodding and tubes going in places that were quite unpleasant.

Here we come to the good news/bad news part of our story:

Bad news:  Cancer.

Good news:  Caught early and Doctor said it is treatable and curable.

Bad news:  Specialist that we needed to see to treat/cure problem was on vacation and we had a four week wait.

Good news:  No worries, said Doctor.  We caught it early.

Bad news:  Rick falls and breaks wrist the day before we need to see specialist.

Good news:  I got none at this point because I think we were both basket cases.

I’m going to amend that last part because we were able to see the specialist as scheduled and he is sure that this can be cured, but we had to wait 2 weeks for surgery because he had to take care of his wrist first.

Which brings us to present day, July 31st, 66 days since the day of discovery.


Surgery Day.

The day that will tell us what is going on and how it can be fixed so that we can move forward with some kind of plan, which we won’t know until August 8th when we return for the follow-up appointment to get the results from Pathology.

Whatever that turns out to be, we’ll get through it, taking it day by day.


And today, Rick has a sore throat from the surgeon taking out a cancer infested tonsil.  I’m told popsicles and ice cream are the prescription of choice for this situation.

I’d better get that filled before the patient gets cranky.


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  1. Glad the surgery went well. We’ll be praying for good results. Let us know if you need anything.

  2. Gauze is a great look on you, Dad (as is plaster…)! 🙂 Feel better soon and if you or Mom need anything or if I can help in any way, let Erik and/~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooneyor I know, please! <3 to you both!

  3. Hi All! Rick you are looking great for the day after!!! I hope you feel better soon and that from this point out it is nothing but good news. Take care of yourselves and know that the MN Rooney’s are here if/~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooneywhen you need us!! Love to you all!

  4. I’m speechless really, very seldom does that happen. I love you both most ardently and miss you terribly. What a time you both have had, I cannot fully comprehend. Sandy, I have all those organic herbs you gave to me and the recipe should you want to brew up the very powerful Essiac Tea. I will put them in the mail, just give me the word.

    Rick you are teaching us how precious life is really, at least me. I am so glad you decided to shave my friend, so glad!

    Big Canadian Bear Hugs from a tiny Canadian Girl!! (okay old woman)

  5. Looking Good! Love Ya!

  6. Hi Christine, Patty, and every one. thanks for the help, and bear hugs, Feeling better today. Did not go in to work, Tomorrow I will. I think we (or Sandy) has things pretty much under control. I am just gonna be the bum today,

    thanks again


  7. Happy to hear from you……good woman she is…..that Sandy girl..the best….know you are in very goods hands….keep some humor close at hand…..and the things that bring you joy…..!

  8. I agree with Chris about the gauze and plaster Dad! You know we are all here for you and we love you so much! Been thinking about you a lot the past while and want you to know we’re pulling for you. You’re a stubborn cantankerous man and you can kick cancer’s butt!

  9. Wow. I am glad that you are on the other side of a rough patch. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  10. Glad for all the “good news” in that post. The “bad news” can suck it. I’ll be thinking of you guys! Positive thoughts!

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