Jun 082013

With tiny tears that glistened,my eyes were fixed on you,
and thinking of the life we’d share we softly said, “I do”


Our hearts were knit together
from the time that we first met,
and memories were gathered
that we never will forget.


While daily living life with you,
you saw the real me,
and still you chose acceptance,
a lifelong mystery.


With many happy times gone by
and others when we cried,
some days we’d share so endlessly,
while other days we’d hide.


With all the ups and downs we’ve had
in learning to be friends,
I know that in this heart of mine,
I’d marry you again.


Happy Anniversary Sweetheart


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  1. Happy 21st Anniversary you guys! I love you! Hope you have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Whoops! 22 years!

  3. Happy Happy Anniversary Rick and Sandy! Love to you both! Will you adopt me???

  4. 22 years of tears I have given her, and those tears seem to disappear with every new day. The love i have for my wife I cannot express with words, or deeds. I want her to know my love is always there, no matter if we are near or far. She is my friend, partner, confidante, lover extaordinaire. She is in every sight, sound, touch and every breath I take. She chose to be my wife. I am an extremely lucky man. Happy Anniversary Baby! Oh, here it is: I Do.

  5. Happy happy 22nd anniversary to you both, MOM and DAD! I called and talked to Mom so hopefully she relayed the message! Sorry that we’ll miss you over Father’s Day weekend. Stupid unaccounted for meningitis! Hope you had a great time at the casino and won bunches of monies (oh, and of course, spent some time together as well!! hee) ! <3 ya Tons and tons! Beepies to Thor!

    Chris & Erik

  6. I want to wish two of my very favorite people, Rick and Sandy, a very special, and Happy 22nd Anniversary! May the next 22 years be filled with everything wonderful, as you continue on together encountering all the joy that life can bring, and things so spectacular, they cause you to hold each other close while it happens. May your lives together have many miracles awaiting you both! Love you both so very much, Cindy and Troy

  7. We didn’t tell you but we adopted you many years ago. Welcome to the family kiddo!

  8. Wonderful weekend, and I was gonna correct your comment but you beat me to it so I’m leaving it out there ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. All of those tears are from happiness sweetheart. xoxoxo

  10. The time we spent together was the winning part.

  11. Thank you Cindy, that was beautiful!

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