Mar 222011

I hate to bug you because I’m sure that you’re pretty busy right now with all of the different climates of the world.  Heck, I don’t know how you keep them all straight!  I mean, while one part of the world is having summer, the other is having winter.  Doesn’t that kinda screw up Santa Claus when it comes to Christmas?  I mean, I thought the guy only worked one night a year.

Anywho, I’ll get to my point:  what happened to spring in my neck of the woods?  When I look at my calendar, this is supposed to be the first full day of spring here, and at this moment, we are getting hit with a snow storm.  They are predicting upwards of 12 inches of this cold white stuff with blizzard-like conditions.

For the past 2 weeks you have been giving us some very spring-like conditions where the snow was melting and we could tap our Maple trees for Sugarbush.  They were just starting to produce their luscious sap and I was able to get 3 gallons yesterday.  Now look at them.

Poor babies are getting dumped on with snow.

Tell me, are you and Old Man Winter having a fight?  Is he just not willing to hold up to his end of the bargain when it comes time to end the excruciatingly long, cold, dark winters that we have to endure up here?

Sure, sure, these things are expected where I live.  We are a tough bunch of people that can roll with the punches.  We know that sometimes you throw us a curve ball to see if we can handle it.  Like last fall when you gave us the wind and rain during wild rice harvest that knocked a good portion of the rice back into the lakes, making it slim pickins and a very short season.  Is this going to be the case with Sugarbush too?

Did we piss you off somehow?

We try to do what is right by respecting you and taking care of everything that represents you.  We do our 3 “R”s and offer our thanks when we plant our gardens and reap our harvests in the fall.

I guess we must be missing something.  We will try to do better.

And if you have having a spat with the Old Man, I’ll lay odds that you can beat him.

I have faith in you.

Thank you for listening.

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  1. Sandy, I totaly agree with you. Our blower couldn’t handle it ,so Jerry got the neighbor to do it for us with his John Deer closed cab rider. Still took him one hour to do ours.

  2. So glad that you had someone that was able to help you out!

  3. Hi Mom! LOL
    You musta had more snow than us!

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