Mar 182011

The temps have been pretty nice this week – yes 45 degrees is nice for our neck of the woods.

The Maple trees are still not letting go of their sap as of today, but that’s OK… they will.

But along with the big thaw comes a a big mess:  the shells from the sunflower seeds that the squirrels have deposited under the trees

This is the feeder that I have in the front yard.

Yes, it is meant for the birds, but has been designated for the squirrels so that they will stay away from the other feeder.

Lovely, isn’t it?

This is the feeder (and suet cage) that is outside my bedroom window.

Now not all of this is the squirrels fault.  I have a woodpecker that loves to throw the seed out of the feeder.  (I think he’s made a deal with the squirrels.)


My estimate is that there is at least 30 pounds (if not more) of sunflower shells that I need to clean up before all of this snow is gone.  If I don’t do it before then, I’m gonna have a bugger of a time getting it out of the grass.

Now, I know that this is the price I have to pay for these critters keeping me sane during the winter months.  And I will be taking them down within the next month as the bears will be out of hibernation and hungry as hell!

I’ve seen the damage they can do to bird feeders… it isn’t pretty.


Just an FYI:  I will be heading down to my hometown today for the funeral for my uncle and may not be posting for a couple days.

But no worries!  Camera will be in tow and I will have lots of new stuff to share when I get back.

So in the meantime, please check out my favorite links that I have listed on the right.  These sites are absolutely wonderful and will keep you entertained while I am gone.

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