Sep 092011

5 things that have happened this week that I haven’t bored you with previously.

1. We had a surprise visit from a friend from Chicago.

Starr is a dear friend that I haven’t seen in ages, and he made it over to the house just in time to watch us parch a batch of wild rice.  He was tickled pink!

And in true Starr fashion, he brought me a gift:  a ricer  (which has nothing to do with wild rice, just in case you were curious).  I haven’t seen one in years and I’ve always wanted one.

He sure knows how to spoil a gal!

2. The last of the wood has been split and stacked.


Rick spent Labor Day on a mission, and succeeded.

He’s my hero, ya know.

Now let’s just hope that we can get grass to grow again in that area.

3. I cleaned 8 pounds of wild rice this week.

It’s very tedious work with a tweezers, but well worth the time and effort, especially when you are gifting it to friends and family.

I’d feel real bad if I gave some away and they found a glob of worm floating in the pot.

I think that would be a friendship killer right there.

4. Christine & Erik left for their honeymoon to St. Croix, VI, last Saturday.

This trip was made possible by the generosity of his parents and relatives.  Gotta love that family!

A few emails have been sent to his folks telling of the wonderful time they are having there.

Back in the day, a post card would have been used for this purpose.  My, how the times change.

Anyone remember what a post card is?

5. I’ve been online trying to find feeding units for the birdfeeders for this winter.

You’d think that this would be a simple task to complete, but I’m cheap which means that I don’t want to pay an exorbitant amount of money for something of high quality,  but don’t want to get something cheap that will fall over when I hang the feeders.

Do you think it would be unsightly if I just got some PVC pipe and designed my own?  It would be sturdy enough, and I’m sure that we could scrounge up something to attach for arms to hold the feeders.

I’ll stew on that one for a while and let you know what I come up with.

Suggestions are always welcome.

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  1. Yay! Glad you guys got to see Starr, such a character he is! And Sounds like you had fun with the tweezers lol I think the PVC pipe would be good, especially if you painted it some cool design 🙂

  2. Rainbow would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

  3. Or big flowers, or just some cool swirls

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