Sep 132011

For the next few days weeks months you may come to the site and discover that things are not quite right.

Things may appear a tad different.

A little off, perhaps.

Or, quite normal.


Because I’ve decided that it’s time I start fooling around with my site and change it a little.  Nothing dramatic, mind you, just “tidying up” a bit.

Do you realize that it has been 9 months since I started this blog?  Who’d a thunk!!

In case you don’t know (and really care to), the theme that I use for this here site is provided by WordPress.  Fine bunch of folks, yeseree.  And over these past 9 months I’ve been poking around the interwebs looking at lots of other blogs and how their designs are:  pleasing to the eye?  easy to navigate?  just darn cute?  hey, can I do that?

Gosh, still so much more to learn.

So I’m throwing caution to the wind and gonna tinker with some of the options that are available with my theme, you know, see how they work and how they look on the site.

I’d also like to get some suggestions from you.  YES YOU.  You do know that you’re important to me, right?  I mean, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even be doing this.

Send me an email or just flat out tell me in the comment section any old time you want to.

I’m no web designer goddess of any sort, so there may be empty spaces here and there, minor tweaks, even a blank page, but never fear, I’ll have it all up and running top notch before you know it.

I hope.


Prayers might be helpful.


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