Sep 162011

5 things that have happened this week that I haven’t bored you with previously.

1. My cousins got to see a picture of me in the dress I wore for Christine’s wedding.  Although it was a very good picture, I was still amused at all the comments made about it.

A little background would probably be nice:  I haven’t worn a dress since Rick & I got married 20 years ago.  I’m just not a dress person.  Or skirt person.  I’m a jeans person.

Sorry, we just don’t do “fancy” stuff that warrant wearing “dress-up” clothes.

So this picture was long-awaited by many friends and family, and I guess they approved.

Yes, my life is so boring that me wearing a dress is cause for celebration.

2. The elders have come back to cook for the masses at the college.

For 3 Thursdays a month during the school year, the local LCO Elders Association cooks a homemade meal at the college I work at.  This is open to anyone in the community, and it’s only five bucks.

And when I say homemade, I mean from-scratch-stick-to-your-ribs-I-miss-my-mama cooking!

Oh, and these women have me pegged too, because not only do they try to give me triple portions because they think I need to put on weight, they play a little game of “hide the veggie” because they know I’m not a veggie lover.

My co-workers always get a kick out of me picking them out of my meal.

Glad I can give them a laugh.

3. We had a hard frost warning for Wednesday night, so I salvaged what I could from the garden, and said goodbye to summer.

Not much was left except a few tomatoes and some peppers, so Rick & I will relish those few items until they are gone.

It’s always hard for me this time of year, because I know that it’s going to be a long 8 months before I can dig my hands in the dirt again.

4. When we were forced to come back to reality on Sunday and come home from camping, we took a different route that brought us to our favorite organic store to stock up on some supplies.

I was kinda excited because I wanted to stock up on bulk flour for baking.  To my surprise, I hit the motherload.  The organic flours that I wanted were 1/2 off!  I came away with 17 pounds of white and 8 pounds of wheat!

I would have taken more, but I was starting to drain the bins and I didn’t want to appear too greedy.

5. We almost had a sewer day at work on Thursday.

What is a “sewer” day, you ask?  That is when some company that has been doing construction around the college does damage to a sewer pipe and the school is forced to close because the bathrooms can’t be used.

To people that do not live in this area, this is like an inside joke (only because it is so bizarre and a common occurrence).  We have had sewer days, electric days (where an electric line has been “hit”), heat days (where the A/C has stopped working in the summer), and even server days (where the network server has simply crashed and no work can be done).

The best one of all:  Employee Appreciation Day.  This is the day after a Minnesota Vikings/Green Bay Packers football game.

We need this day to recover.

I love where I work.

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  1. Verra niiiiiieeeeccccce, Mama! 😉 (You’d have to see Borat to get that…. 😉 )

  2. Mmmm… I-miss-my-mama cooking! Sounds tasty, have some fry bread for me the next time, I’ll taste it I promise 🙂 And I’m so jealous of where you work! But, you deserve it Mom 🙂 So sorry the weather is turning icky. I don’t like it either. Bah.

  3. You look very nice. But like you, I am a jeans person and haven’t worn a dress since……….. Oh, I don’t remember. LOL! But like all good moms, we do what we must do for the kids.(Not that that is a bad thing).

  4. Love the picture. Some day i’ll try to frame it.

  5. I think that is a fantabulous idea, Mom! It’s such a great picture of you two! And I WHOLLY concur with Nichole’s comment….. 😉

  6. I would love to see it framed, Georgia!

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