Sep 182011

It’s Sunday, and in September that means football.

Packed around the TV cheering on  your favorite team, maybe throwing back a couple brewskies.

Most definitely munching on snacks.  Did you include popcorn?  Of course you did!

Maybe the real question is, did you include my favorite popcorn.

Popcorn Indiana makes THE best popcorn I have ever had.  This stuff is light, fluffy, and flavored to perfection.

Sea Salt, Bacon Ranch, Cheddar, even Cinnamon Sugar.  You can even get it plain (if that’s your thing).  11 varieties in all, with my all time favorite being Aged White Cheddar.


Bonus points go out for it being an all natural product, you know, like those sold at Organic stores.  Double bonus points is the fact that more of the stores you already shop at (Walgreens, Target, Walmart, to name a few) carry it.

Check out their website to find your local retailer and demand that they carry it… you won’t be sorry.

Trust me.


I was neither contacted nor compensated by Popcorn Indiana for reviewing or recommending their products.  The opinions expressed are purely my own based on my personal experience with these products.  But if they want to send me some free samples, I certainly won’t turn them down.

  7 Responses to “Game Day Snackin’”

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  1. Love this stuff! I must try the Bacon and Ranch one, sounds nummy!

  2. Agreed!

  3. Found it on sale at the grocery store in town. Should have bought more than one bag!

  4. I was snacking on it while cleaning wild rice today. Hmmm… may have White Cheddar wild rice now.

  5. You tease! lol

  6. Only if I am outta Potato Chips……….


  7. Rarely happens darlin’

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