May 192011

Today was the big day for a group of people that worked their heiny’s off for the past year or so.

These are the people that have sacrificed their lives and times with their families to accomplish a goal that is not an easy one.

This was the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College class of 2011.

And I’m damn proud of each and every one of them.

I would see these people every day pushing themselves toward a personal goal of walking across that stage to say to the world “I DID IT!!”

As a small community college, it is easy to get to know the students, and learn why they have decided to get their degree.  These ranged from one year certificates to two year Associate Degrees, with others achieving their GED.

We clapped for them all.

We hooted and hollered.

We hugged and congratulated.

And don’t you think that it was just youngins up on that stage today.  No siree, it was the whole age range right up to elder.  And let me tell you, that woman got a standing ovation and the longest applause I have ever seen.

And staying with the tradition of our tribal college, we fed our graduates… and their guests… and our community that came out to say how proud they are of these people.

I would estimate that there was over 300 people going through that line, and no one left hungry.

Because that is how we do things up here on the Rez.

Congratulations graduates, I’m going to miss seeing you every day, but as always there is another group ready to take your place next year.

And when that time comes, pride will once again swell within me and everyone else that works there.

Good job!

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