Sep 162013

I told Rick that I’d love it if he would do a guest post from time to time to talk about what he is going through with the Cancer.

The following is an email that Rick sent out to his family and I am sharing it with all of you.*



Well today was my first day of Chemo.  It went well.  They wound up taking several blood samples for testing.  I guess they do that every week.  Send the result out to some pharmacist and he or she figures out the chemo mixture for the week, emails it back to the staff at Marshfield  and they whip it up right there on the spot. Today it was several bags of saline solution and the “fix”, a drug called “cisplatin.”  It targets fast dividing cells such as cancer and causes them to die.  I had one big bag of that put in me.  It is like you see at the hospital a lot, metal holder on wheels that they hook the bags to and from there it is kind of a gravity feed down into your body.

The cisplatin, and the saline solution, were both put into that Port they put in for me last week.  The cisplatin was “warm” at some points while they were putting it in, but otherwise went pretty well.  Apparently the body takes these liquids, that are injected into a vein, and very rapidly route them through to the bladder, I think I had to go to the bathroom at least twice during this. Probably three times though.  And by 1:00 pm they were all done.  I do not feel horrible.  I was told it can get horrible, nauseating…  sick vomit, etc.  but so far today I am fine.  Sandy ran in to the pharmacy to get my additional meds.  When she gets back I am gonna go to work.  33 more trips to Rice Lake and I will hopefully have kicked this SOB out of my system.   Oh I found out the name of this cancer: Squamous Cell Carcinoma/Tonsillar.

Sandy showed me comments on a facebook page today by many of your children, our friends, and my children.  I want to say thank you so very much.  Sandy if you would copy and paste this email onto your facebook page, I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.  The journey begins with the first step.  Today we officially have taken that first step.  In 6-7-8 weeks I want this to be in the rear view mirror, got other things to do.  Thank you all very much (Miigwech), gigawabimin, (see you later)




Oh, and this is Oz.  He was there for moral support.  Support comes in many shapes and sizes.

And apparently fur.  Lots of fur.


*Minimal editing for stupid shit like punctuation.


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  1. Glad all went well Pops! Yes, step 1 down! And we’ll all be here for you through each and every other additional step you will go through. We love you so much and are on so many minds today and in so many hearts. You’re a tough cantankerous old fart and we love you for it. Keep fighting Dad, we’re here with y! Love you so much!

  2. I am so proud of you, Daddy! And glad you had a fuzzy pal there as well!!

  3. Glad it went well for you today ! I’m sure Oz was a great help!!
    Keep hanging tough!

  4. The first step of many, but you are on the road! Praying that you have a sick-free experience, and are back to being tubeless and eating Sandys fantastic cooking and baking in no time! And fur can be a great healer, lol! Im sure Thor will also be happy to lend his expertise….

  5. Thanks Munchkin!

  6. I am proud of you too! The dog reminded me of our dog Tipper.

  7. Thanks Judy, hope it don’t get too tough. I really am a wimp….shhh..don’t tell anybody. 🙂

  8. Hi Eva, thanks for the well wishes, …you had to mention food….now I am starving. Yea Thor can be tolerated I have been finding out. I still think he is looking for his brain somewhere. Once he gives up then we get to enjoy his company.

    Talk w/~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney you later


  9. For our dear friends, Rick and Sandy, I read your posts Thank you for allowing us to be a part of what you are going through! Please know that you are all in our daily thoughts and prayers! I believe that your heading in the right direction, and that you have many people who love you and will be there all the way, every step with you both, during this time! I am one of those people, anything, anything at all I am here for you Rick, and Sandy, please don’t hesitate to let me know what I can do, drive, run errands, help at the shop, for free! I’ll be watching, waiting and praying for a full and total recovery from this cancer! I am a believer and I know that with all of our faith combined, this will not be the end of your journey! We love you and are standing strong right by your side….and by the Grace of God you will be healed of this sickness! Keep the Faith Ricky (Ricardo) Rooney, Love and Hope flow from our hearts for you both! Cindy and Troy

  10. Hi Cindy! Feeling much better today. Been a rough week. Only 6 more to go for the “cure”. Say hi to Troy.


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