Sep 302013

I decided to give Rick a break and write this week’s update myself.


Last week we didn’t run into so many bumps in the road as we did in week one.  We decided to kick the nausea to the curb with a constant dose of the tummy medicine all week long.

This seemed to work really well and by Friday Rick was feeling well enough that we had a Date Night!  He had gone to the dentist earlier in the day and got an adjustment done on the new choppers, so we even did a supper out before pulling those one-armed bandits.

It was a much deserved night out and we had a lot of fun getting out and about again.

We did have one small problem with his neck swelling up.  After his radiation treatment on Wednesday the left side of his neck looked like he had a grapefruit in it.  He saw the Oncologist on Thursday and was prescribed meds for an infection in his salivary glands.  Other than terrible sweating, everything seems to be under control.

His appetite was wonderful this weekend and I cooked up a storm in anticipation that this week he will be able to eat more and keep his weight up.  I have to note that healthy eating is no longer a rigid standard in our household.  We were told by the Dietician that high calories would be our goal going forward so Ho-Ho’s and Enchiladas (and whatever else he wants to eat that he can tolerate) are now staples until we get off this roller coaster.

We are learning as we go and hope to hold off on using the feeding tube in his stomach as long as possible.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be Monday without a visit from another furry friend in the Chemo room.


This is Cash and he is a 4-year-old Black Lab.  He was so well behaved and even Rick gave him a scratch behind the ears.

As always, I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support.  We are venturing into the unknown here (which is scary as hell), and having all of you there cheering Rick on makes it that much easier.


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  1. Glad Dad’s appetite is better! So glad he’s feeling better! Let’s hope it continues. Much love to both of you and Thor! <3 Can't wait to see you guys this weekend.

  2. Hello Up North Rooney’s glad everything is going well and happy to hear the appetite is better! Keep up that wonderful smile. Sandy thanks for all the updates! Happy 3rd week to you both. Love you, Mona

  3. Thanks Mona!

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