Jun 152011


Java; Black Gold; The Elixir of the Gods; Makadaymashkeekiwabu

Sorry, didn’t mean to trip you up on that last one (it’s Ojibwe for coffee, meaning “Black Medicine Water”). What can I say, I live on the Rez.  When in Rome…

Coffeecoffeecoffee!  What a wonderful thing to wake you up in the morning!  The one thing that I look forward to in the morning, ready for me when I stumble walk into the kitchen at 5:45 am, eyes half shut, beckoning me to its wonderful caffeinated steaminess.

When our coffee maker took a dump a couple weeks ago, I was crushed.  Yes, we have backups for when the world is coming to an end things like this happen:  instant (for me); the espresso machine (for Rick); a French Press.  But those take time, and in the middle of the night wee hours of the morning, I want instant gratification that can only come from my coffee maker.

There is always a little hitch to this perfect drink:  you must prepare for it.  (Isn’t there always a hitch?)

It’s not a labor intensive ordeal:  Pour water in the reservoir, add coffee grounds and set the timer

Badda bing, badda boom.

Now if any of these steps are missed, there may be the possibility that you will wake up even quicker than you thought, because seeing an empty pot while holding cup in hand seems to snap even the drowsiest person into instant awakeness (is that a word?) quicker than throwing cold water in their face.

Sometimes it even produces the unfortunate 4-letter word (or several of them).

But this morning, all my preparation paid off, and perfection awaited me.

Praise the Gods and pass the creamer, it was going to be a good day.


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  1. Mmm… heaven! I love coffee!

  2. Yes, I know 😉

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