Jun 162011

For the last couple days, I’ve been troubled by an email I received regarding a post I did a few months ago.

I had recently sent an email to a few people inviting them to visit my site.  I know them quite well, and thought that they would enjoy my site and seeing what was going on in my life and with my family.

Well, one person went to the site out of curiosity and found a post that they didn’t care for.

As always, it contained pictures (shocker, right?) and I was informed that it was not appreciated that certain pictures were posted because I did not receive permission from them to be placed online in the first place as they do not personally participate in any kind of online forum (social or otherwise).

I had inadvertently committed one of the most hanis crimes forgotten one of the major rules in the blogging world when it comes to posting photos of people:  always get permission.

My bad.

It was totally unintentional.  Actually, since I knew this person rather well, I didn’t think that it would be a terrible thing.  I should have thought better of that.

Not only was I chastised for the picture being on my blog, but it was also assumed that I used it on other social media sites that I have (which is wasn’t, since I don’t post photos anywhere but here).

Additionally, this person also included other people in the picture as not being a fan/participant of the aforementioned sites.  Great, now I’ll have 2 people that I care about pissed at me.

And the day had started out so good, too.

Nonetheless, I was totally in the wrong.  So I did the socially responsible thing and removed the post from my site and emailed them back and apologized, swearing that I will never again in this lifetime post anything remotely having to do with them.

There are 2 major feelings I have with this situation:

1.  I feel really bad that I did not get permission before posting the pictures.  I totally respect other people’s personal decisions when it comes to not wanting their photos and personal information exposed to the general public.

2.  I’m having a really hard time letting go of the assumption that I would blatantly advertise these photos in other forums, as well as give away personal information about the people that were in them so that gods-knows-what could be derived from them and possibly cause harm to them.

I like to consider myself as rather techno savvy and know all about the tricks that are out there in regards to face recognition, etc, but there was no direct linkage to face/name, and there certainly wasn’t any personal information splashed across the page.  And I would like to think that my Privacy Policy can carry a little weight in regards to protection for any content on this site.

But as always, nothing is foolproof, so as a respectable blogger, I listen to people when they talk and do the best I can to make them happy.

And as I do every day, I learn something new.  Only some lessons carry a higher price than others.

Sadly, I don’t think that this person will ever visit my site again, much less talk to me.

These are some of the unfortunates of being a blogger.


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  1. Sandy,
    I am sorry to hear that you and your blog caught some flak. To give you some positive feedback, I love reading your blog and seeing the great pictures. It’s been great to get to know about your family and your life through your wonderful (touching/~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooneyhumorous/~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooneyinsightful) postings. I am sure that the unexpectedly negative reaction was very discouraging, but I am sure there are many people like me who look forward to every new entry!

  2. Julie, you just made my day! Thank you so much for the positive words and encouragement to move forward. I guess I needed that more than I realized 🙂

  3. I agree with Julie, Sandy. I can’t imagine why anyone would get so upset just seeing their picture in your postings, but then there is no accounting for the way some people think. I hope they are mature enough to accept your apology. If you don’t hear from them again, it’s their loss, not yours!

  4. I agree with Laurie and Julie, Sandy! (I didn’t even notice it was MY Julie until afterward!) I love reading your blog entries…..feel like I’m part of the family. Oh wait, I kind of am……anyway – don’t get discouraged. You know what they say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff…..and it’s ALL small stuff!” Love ya dear!

  5. Hmmm… I thinking I know what this is about and who it involves. I will confirm with you tomorrow. If I’m right, then I will just say what I’ve been saying for a while: The glue started coming undone 12 years ago. The most important parts stuck. Also, another one is: the most important people in your life are the ones who stick with you through it all, no matter what. Or: The ones that mind don’t matter, and the ones that matter don’t mind. I love you Mom! I love reading each entry and they always make me either think or laugh or both. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s wonderful!

  6. Sandy, so sorry to hear about this, but I have to tell you- anyone that truly knows you would know better than to make any of the assumptions they made, you are a person of very high integrity and a huge heart, and something like that just wouldnt occur to you. You know who and how you are, so while it must have really hurt, know that you didnt set about to cause any wrong or harm, just so share with a group of people who are your family and friends! Thanks for your site, its like getting to have sort of a ‘visit’ with you every time i stop in and read! Take care, my friend, we love you!!

  7. Thanks Laurie! You’re right about the loss, because the love that I’m getting from everyone is my gain!

  8. Oh Dee, you ARE part of the family! And I’m grateful for that fact 🙂

  9. Great words of wisdom! Gonna have to remember them (maybe post them around my office. hmmmm…..).

  10. Eva, you are such a doll! I can just imagine you with your cup of coffee reading my blog, having our own little visit…
    Think I’ll keep that vision in my head for a while.

  11. I agree with Nichole and I know who you mean and in my “lovely opinion,” ***k ’em! Tough s*** that certain people want to be snots about things, and it’s a damn blog, not a flippin magazine. They should be so lucky! Love you!

  12. I can always count on your for subtle honesty 😉

  13. Damn straight! hehe

  14. Hi Sandy;
    All the positive comments are good to read. Right don’t sweat the small stuff. Talk to you later. Keep your chin up and smile…..

  15. Thanks Diane! Keeping things positive and moving on. Miss ya!

  16. I randomly read your blog (and don’t comment very often- sorry!) but after reading the post you posted today about this post, I read this one…. and have one word: REALLY?? I post pics of people ALL the time, as well of descriptions of names AND location. I am pretty sure no one will ever stalk them. And also VERY sure that I know NO ONE who would care. It is just how things are today. Social media is very common and everyone expects that when a photo is taken it may just end up anywhere…. those people you mention need to ‘get with the times’ 😉

  17. Good word, Ann! I can understand some peoples reasons, but to me it was more of the tone and the assumptions made that really bothered me. And if you had seen the post, there weren’t even NAMES! Oh well, time to move forward I guess. And thanks for stopping by randomly. I hope you enjoy what you see when you do 🙂

  18. I too love your columns. When you guys moved to Hayward it was like you fell off the face of the earth.(I know, the road travels both ways….) I missed you guys! It’s been a great way to keep in touch again. Your post are always so well done. I can see why the girls were always such avid readers, they inherited your love of words!

  19. You’re right, Rox, we did kinda disappear, didn’t we! Although unintentional, I guess we may have needed to find our space up here. And thank you for always being there then, as you are now.

  20. See Mom? I agree after reading all of these comments, Ann said it very well: That person needs to get with the times and just get over it. Like our conversation last night, it something that shouldn’t hurt as much as it does, but the fact that it was a total blow to you and your life, I understand that it does. This person needs to just get off of their high horse, because they aren’t any better than anyone, they aren’t so important that they will be “stalked”, “tagged”, etc… I remember the post, and there weren’t any names or anything in there. They think too highly of themselves, it’s kinda sad.

    Regardless of what happened or will happen in the future, just remember how much we all love you and support you 100%. That’s what matters.

  21. *LIKE*

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