Mar 302011

My official proclamation  of having winter be over is now being made.

I’m sick of the snow and the cold, but there is one thing this time of year that I am even more tired of .


Since the street we live on is not paved, we will always have to contend with some amount of dust in the house.  But in the wintertime, it escalates to phenomenal proportions.

And here is the culprit.

We installed this fireplace insert 3 years ago because the original fireplace, although functional, was not quite efficient as an overall heat source for the house.

And I love this woodburner, really I do.  It is our primary source of heat in the winter and has saved us a buttload on heating fuel.

But it is the biggest dust factory in the world!

Heck, if I were to try and keep the dust down to a minimum in this house, I’d have to buy stock in Swiffer just to try and recoup my expense.

I wave my white flag.  I surrender.  I cannot win.

Dust, you have been a valiant foe and you have defeated me.

So to all those that enter our humble abode, please pay homage to the victor of this fight.

Just don’t write in it, OK?

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  1. Dust sucks! Ours is pretty bad, but not as bad as you guys get with your fireplace. Eesh,,,

  2. I know where your coming from. Everytime we throw in a new log, I see that fine dust floating out of our fireplace! Our log walls really collect the dust. At Christmas time and at the end of heating season they get a good cleaning, along with the fireplace stones. They can really collect the dust too cant they!

  3. Oy, can they ever Roxy! To look at my house, you would think that I never clean it! Gearing myself up for a good old-fashioned spring cleaning jam session.

  4. My house gets dusty too, and I don’t even have a fireplace.

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