Mar 312011

We’re giving those woodchucks some stiff competition.

As I have complained enough about, it has been a long winter.

And soon I will stop complaining about it because the sun will be shining nice and warm, the flowers will be poking their heads out of the ground, and the snow will be gone.

*Happy Dance*

But until then, we still have to contend with the everpresent chance of the “S” word.  (That is snow, for the less-informed.)

Also note that as of April 1, the “S” word is no longer allowed in anyone’s vocabulary while they are in my presence until December 1st.  This is an unbreakable rule that is well known and respected.  Violators are subjected to the evil glare that has made big, burly men back away in terror.

You have been forewarned.

We now continue with our regular programming.

Because of said long winter, we have gone through quite a bit of wood heating the house.  We were hoping that the large supply that we acquired last summer would suffice for 2 years and give us a break this summer from splitting and stacking.

Eh… we were wrong.

See all that wood?  No?  Me neither, because we went through the 3 rows that were there, along with 2 others, and will be starting on the one on the left side of the picture in a couple days.

So as not to put off the inevitable, Rick had a truckload of oak dumped off last night, and will have another 5 coming over the next few weeks.

And after a long day at work, Rick came home and started splitting it down to fit in the woodburner.

He bought this handy dandy log splitter last year, and it has been a huge blessing when it comes to splitting massive amounts of wood.

Added bonus:  no aching back from using the axe. We used to go through quite a few axe handles before we got this baby.  Rick will still used the axe when he wants to cut up a few logs, but most of the time it is enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

This gadget gets the job done nice and quick.

Heck, even I could use it if I wanted to.  But I generally take the grunt work of loading the wagon and stacking the wood.

Except for last night, because it was a little too chilly for my liking.  Not cold , just chilly.

And besides, somebody had to feed the dust-belching woodburner.

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  1. Lol @ Dust-belching woodburner

  2. Nice wood splitter! And I agree with Chris, that’s a nice nickname for your burner 🙂

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