Nov 272012

On Mondays I like to spend some time in the morning writing out a few blog posts.  This is, of course, if I have something to post, which has been hit or miss lately.

But when I went onto Facebook that morning I noticed that Nichole had left a message saying that the website wasn’t working.  I also noticed that links from previous posts weren’t showing up.  So, I hopped onto my administrative page and… nothing.

Houston, we have a problem.

Now, I’ve had this happen before and sometimes it will correct itself in a few hours, sometimes I need to reinstall WordPress.  So I took the simple approach and re-downloaded the newest version and viola!  I had my admin panel back up.   SCORE!

So I went to look at the website and all that greeted me back was my header.  CRAP!

Well then, let’s see if any of the other internet engines likes me today… Chome?  Yep!  IE?  Nadda… same results as Firefox.  Ok, let’s see what the forums for my Theme have to say (since there was an upgrade a week ago, maybe the problem was just reaching me now… I was grasping here folks).

My little light at the end of the tunnel was provided when I found out that,  yes, people were having the same issues as me.  I’m NOT alone in the world!  However, the solutions had to do with inserting code here and there, and I, for one, was not about to do that.  I never fiddle with that stuff on my site to “snazz” it up (plus I’m not that smart) and I wasn’t going to fart around in that area now.

BUT, I did take one suggestion and de-activated all of my plugins to see if that was the culprit.

Nope, strike 2 (or 3, whatever we’re at now).

So my loving husband, as he was heading out the door to work, suggested that I try the computer wiz’s on the WordPress IRC channel.  Now here’s my problem with that:  I’m no slouch when it comes to computers and I can slap the jargon around with the best of them, but some of these guys scare the bejeezus out of me!  Again, I am not a coder nor do I play one on TV.  When they start getting into the “look in your <g>root/ file”, my brain turns to liquid and starts oozing out of my head quicker than you can say “I love bacon.”

Luckily Rick was also logged onto the site and when that time came, my Prince gallantly came to my rescue and took over.  Phew!

Turns out that I even had the experts baffled as to what the problem could be.  Eventually, the consensus was that it was not my theme and it was not WordPress.  I’ll save you all the details of what Rick eventually did (because even I don’t know) but it had to do with moving me over to a new server and resetting/tweaking several areas to get all components to talk to each other and play nice.  (There was probably some cussing thrown in there for good measure.  Just guessing.)

So for the next 24 hours my poor husband took precious time out of his workday (and life) to find a way to get me up and running.

And, as you can clearly see since you are reading this fine material (HA! ), he was successful.  The man is a genius!

I have the best tech support in the world.


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  1. Aww Shuckin’s twar’nt nuthin….

  2. Sure twas sumthin’!

  3. Better believe it twas sumthin! I need my weekly dose of Sandy to keep my world sane. Thanky from all of us who read her blog!!!!!

  4. He really is the best Kelly!

  5. Yay Dad! You’re awesome 🙂 Glad you’re back up and running Mama

  6. Glad to be back in the blogging world!

  7. YAY DADDY!!! So glad everything is back up & running & new content available shortly (hopefully, Momma!)! <3 <3 <3

  8. New content on the way!

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