Feb 022012

Back in the day, when the internet was just a wee babe, the browser of the day was Explorer.

Now mind you, I didn’t mind the program, and it was what I chose for all my surfing needs, such as they were.  Many more browsers came and went, and one particular one proved to be better for me and I divorced Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox, or simply Firefox as it was soon known as, took it’s place in my internet world.

That was, oh about 5 years ago that I made the switch and I haven’t looked back.  In fact, I haven’t upgraded it either.  Until last night.

Yeah, I was still on version 3.6 or something.  It’s currently on version 10.

No, no, no, I’m not slow, I just resist change, and I was quite comfortable with the old version.  A few years ago Rick put a newer version on my laptop and I HATED IT!  I didn’t like that my normal buttons weren’t where they were supposed to be and the look… well, frankly it didn’t give me any “wow” factor.  I like wow factor when I decide to change things.  And I wasn’t getting any.

But Firefox has really been getting aggressive lately with their annoying pop-up’s to change to the latest and greatest version, so I finally gave in.

And my review?  Meh, big deal.  No flashing lights, no bling, no cool graphics.  Actually, there is less to it than the old version I am used to.

Biggest peeve?  Having to get used to where everything is now.  I get to “design” where I want everything.  Cripes, I liked how the old version did that for me.  I’m a person of routine, remember?  My buttons aren’t where they are supposed to be any more so half the time I’m clicking out of a page and going to my home page when I wanted to see my favorites.

Gawds, am I a complainer lately.  I blame it on pre-menopause.  Wait until you read that post… It’ll be a doozie!


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  1. You’re entitled to complain. You’re you 🙂 I also don’t like change. Give me routine any day 🙂

  2. OCD helps 😉

  3. I update mine when I HAVE to, and all I notice is that they seem to be wanting to be exactly like IE.

  4. Hmmmmm…..a Larson that resists change? Not sure I’m familiar with the concept……hahahaha!

  5. Maybe it’s a conspiracy…

  6. And we keep passing it on to future generations… poor kids 😉

  7. Indeed. It just upgraded itself this morning when I started it up. Buttheads!

  8. Saw this today and thought of you right away. *Note* – I don’t believe that the squirrel was harmed in any way but this is too funny!


  9. OMG, that is hilarious!

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