Jan 312012

I know I’ve posted before about my great decision to get rid our landline and go strictly to cellular for our phone service.

And I promise that this will probably, most likely, hopefully be the last time I talk about it.

OK, so let the storytelling begin!

Ahem.  Rick brings the mail in yesterday because it was my day off and I was too lazy to get it and hands me a bill from the phone company that I no longer use.

“Oh, this will just show that there is nothing owed,” I smile to my husband.  So I casually open it up and discover that in fact I do owe something.  $11.94 something.

$11 for a Service Order Change.  Ummm… I canceled my phone, people, I don’t consider that a “Service Order Change.”  I call that “You’ve been ripping me off for long enough I no longer want your service thankyouverymuch change.”

Oh, and they had to tack on .94 cents for taxes.  Talk about kicking me in the backside.

Can you already guess that I wasn’t happy about this?  You got that right sugar.

So, guess who the first phone call went to this morning?   Heheheh.

After I explained my situation to the nice lady that answered my call, she transferred me to the Disconnect Department (that’s a new one for me, folks.  I didn’t know that department really existed.  Live and learn I guess).

I explain to Dave (real name) my situation along with the fact that I was never told that there would be a charge to dump their service.  (OK, I didn’t say dump, but I wanted to.)  PLUS, I asked him if this is the way that the company typically treats loyal customers.

He quickly says that he will remove the charge since I was not told about it when I make the original phone call to cancel my service, and mentions that I had been a customer for over 10 years.

Gee, thanks for noticing.

But in true company form, Dave has to try to be a salesman and get me to consider their internet service.  Nice try.  If they were going to charge me $11.94 to disconnect my phone, I can only imagine what they would have wanted to charge me for flipping a switch for internet.

That probably would have been Union wages.

Moral of the story?  Don’t be afraid to challenge Corporate America.  Sure, the amount of the charge wasn’t huge, but it was the principle of the thing.  They make big buck off of these types of charges and people just go ahead and pay them.  But not this girl.  I saved myself some cash.

Oh, and I did it on company time.  While my supervisor was in the room.

Yeah, I rock.


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  1. Yes you do rock Mama! You challenge and win 🙂

  2. I don’t win all the time, but I fight for what is right 😉

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