Aug 192011

I make a big mistake.

One that doesn’t allow me to type with all my fingers, because if I do I will likely end up with blood on a few keys of my keyboard.

The reason?

Thor bit me. *

Totally my fault.  Really.

You see, he has a habit of biting anything that is made of wood pulp:  paper, cardboard, etc.  He gets into these moods were he is a hungry lion and paper products are his gazelle.  And tonight I tried to stop him from destroying a few pieces of paper in mid-chomp.

You can bet your sweet bippy I won’t be doing that again.

But I still love him.

Who wouldn’t?


* He apologized by kissing my booboo and made it all better.

  2 Responses to “I Didn’t Really Need That Finger”

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  1. Owwy! So sorry Mama! Hope your finger feels better soon, glad that Thor kissed it after he bit it. Didn’t you always tell us as kids to not try to pet the animals when they are eating or to take away anything they are chewing on because we might get bit? 🙂

  2. Agree with Colie about the whole “refrain from touching animals whilst eating, etc…” Glad Thor made it better, and that picture of him is so cute!

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