Aug 192011

I don’t know why I do it.

Maybe it’s the Mom in me, always letting my kids eat first, and I’d have whatever is left over.

Or perhaps it’s just the kindly me, stepping away and allowing others to have first pick, thinking that they deserve it more than me.

Whatever it is, I think I may have gone over the edge a tad bit.

I was emptying out a package of miniature candy bars for the candy dish, and one fell on the floor, sliding under the kitchen table.  Out of nowhere, that little voice appeared and said “Guess that one’s mine.”  I was cool with that.  The floor was fairly clean and everyone knows that there is always the 5-second rule that can be invoked when necessary.

Only, this was different.  I didn’t have to worry about whether I was getting stuck with the less than stellar candy bar and may have had to pick a couple pieces of cat fur/lint/dust bunny off of the morsel.

It Was In A Wrapper!

Yeah, I still put the others in the dish and took the one off the floor for myself.

I am soooo pathetic.


  4 Responses to “I Guess That One’s Mine”

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  1. So that’s where I get it… I’m learning so much lol

    Yay for wrappers!

  2. The website of enlightenment!

  3. Totally! O, and you’re not pathetic! 🙂

  4. Nope! Gotta love the Momma rules! 😉

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