Feb 212012

It wasn’t a long dream, more of a commercial.  And I only remembered this tiny portion of it:  I went out to my car in the garage and had a flat tire.

I don’t remember anything before or after that.  Why am I telling you this (except to remind everyone that I am nuts)?  Because of what happened the day after the dream.

Rick goes out to vacuum up the water from the vehicles and dry out the garage.  When he gets the cars out of there, he comes back into the house and announces…

Yep, I had a flat tire.  Flat as a pancake.


Naturally I told him about my dream.  Was he shocked?  Impressed?  Awed?

Naw, more concerned that it would cost over $200 to have the tire fixed.

But he filled it up with air and it has held air so far.  Good thing too, because I really didn’t want to see that tire laying in my sink to find out where the leak was coming from.


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  1. Whoa! I’d be shocked! *do-de-do-do-do-de-do-do* Weird… Any other dreams?

  2. Lots of dreams, just none that had an effect like that one 😉

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