Feb 172012

My week started off with 2 things:  a head cold and spaghetti sauce.  And it’s ending the same way.

I still have the head cold which is trying to move south into my chest.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) my nose is still stuffed (the left one now… just in case you wanted to know) so the majority of the germs are centralized north of my neck.

Yeah, my co-workers are really feeling the love from me this week… hehehe.

All that spaghetti sauce that I so lovingly prepared on Monday has been chillin’ in the fridge all week.  And last night I transferred it to ice cream pails (reduce, reuse ya’ll) because they are the Tupperware of the Northwoods.

Then it was a quick trip to spend the night in my car (the sauce, not me) because I wasn’t going to transport it at dark-thirty in the morning.  And since I live in Wisconsin and it’s February, the temp inside my car at night is as close to the fridge as you’re gonna get.  I’m good at planning these things.

And tonight the people that are attending the workshop will be served this wonderful sauce and bask in all it’s gloriousness.

At least I hope they will.  Remember, I really couldn’t taste it when I was making it because of this damn cold.  But Rick seemed to like it.  But then again, he’d tell me that dirt cakes were great if I made them.

Well, I’ll just cross my fingers and  hope for edible.


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  1. It’ll be mui delicioso! 🙂

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