Feb 152012

Wednesday.  Day 3 of me being tortured with a head cold.

Maybe tortured is a little harsh.

On second thought, no it’s not.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just stay at home and feel miserable all by myself.  Silently groaning at not being able to breath out of one nostril that is so stuffed up that it’s oozing icky mucusy stuff into the rest of my head, making me brain dead to everything but my basic bodily functions.

And every once in a while a rogue drop of liquid will break free from the pack and quickly slip southward (usually during the most inopportune time).  (I know everyone has had this happen, so quit saying “ewww”.)

How can one small nose create so much gunk?  And where is it stored when I don’t have a cold?

Oh, and my nose feels like it’s as big as a softball and as bright red as Rudolph’s.

There is usually a pattern to this:  One side plugged one day, the other side the next, and then the dam breaks loose and I’ve got oogy stuff coming out by the gallon.  So far that pattern hasn’t happened.  Ugh!

So instead of taking a sick day from work and staying home cuddled up in blankets and trying to blow my nose off, I share these lovely cold germs with the people that gave them to me:  my co-workers.

Because my Mama raised me to share things.  She just didn’t break it down into categories.


  5 Responses to “Yes, I Will Take Some Cheese With My Whine”

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  1. I’m nice like that 😉

  2. Indeedy!! lol

  3. I think that must run in the family… You didn’t break it down into categories for us and we didn’t break it down for the kids… hmmm… lol Hope you feel better soon!

  4. OK, I’ll break it down now: share only the GOOD things 🙂

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