Apr 052012

Months ago when I decided that I’d had enough with paying 3 different phone bills, there was an agreement between Rick & I that going strictly to a cell phone for our communications needs would be just hunky dory.

That lasted all of a week.  Rick realized that we he still had to have some kind of phone in the house because my cell phone has less than stellar service.  (I beg to differ:  my cell phone has crappy service but it still sends & receives calls.  The quality may not be the best if there is a sun spot/lightening storm/windy day/invasion from Mars, but I’m OK with that.)

The first option that he was convinced would cost us him just pennies was Magic Jack.  This wonderful invention was very inexpensive and you only had to pay a one-time initial bill of $80 or some other stupid amount and then monthly it was virtually free.  Only there was one small problem:  we couldn’t call anyone locally.  Sure, we could call everyone else on the planet, but not in our own dialing area.  This made the necessity of him calling me at home or me calling him at work somewhat problematic.  After him farting around on it for the 30 day “risk free trial”, he finally asked for a refund and sent the piece of crap “jack” back to them.

His latest find is from some geeks out in California that are trying to launch their own VOIP business.  Anything that can run through the computer has “RICK” written all over it (also anything geekish).  So far (which is a month now, I guess) the phone has worked well.  I can call Rick and he can call me.  We can also call other people, which is another good use of the phone I guess.

However, I’m kind of concerned about the phone they sent us.  It seems to be haunted.  The first time it showed that it was possessed was at 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning when it woke me up ringing.  “Who the f*ck is calling this house at that time of the morning“, is all I could think to myself as I stumbled bleary eyed to the kitchen to give the person on the other end a piece of my mind.  (side note:  no one was supposed to have the phone number, so add an extra level of freaky to the situation.)  I picked up the receiver and no one was there.  There also was no dial tone.  I was too tired to give it any thought, so I went back to bed, unhappy that I didn’t get to ream out somebody for calling in the middle of the night.

Time number 2 happened just a few days ago when the phone rang and I went to answer it.  Again, no one was on the other end of the line, and no dial tone.  I hung up and it rang again.  Picked it up – no one there,  yada, yada, yada.  So I just let the stupid thing ring… for 2 more minutes!  Then it stopped.  Mildly annoying?  Yes, you could say that.

The latest escapade happened when I was on my cell phone with my daughter tonight.  I had her on speaker phone so I could putz with cat food and I heard a dial tone, and I assumed that we had lost connection.  So I hung up.  Only problem was, I heard the dial tone again… and I wasn’t on the phone any more.  I quickly realized that it was the VOIP phone playing mind games with me.  Color me embarrassed!  That stupid thing made me hang up on my own daughter!

Anyone know someone that can do an exorcism on a telephone?


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  1. Gawds that phone is freaky!

  2. Hopefully it doesn’t start oozing pea soup… 😉

  3. I am sorry but I do not know how to do one of those. I just think I would unplug it and send it back with a note saying we do not like Ghosts with our phones.

  4. Now that would really take away my love for Pea Soup…

  5. Simple and straight forward. I like it!

  6. LOL @ the 666 numbers on the phone. Hurry up and send the phone back to wherever it came from.. Strange things happen this days.. Meanwhile Sandy why did you change your banner image??

  7. Good thing it doesn’t happen very often!

    Each “season” I change my banner image. Do you need an updated one for Cyber Connect?

  8. hahahha – I think I’d have to through it out the window or better yet tie it to a rock and through it in a river.

  9. I was too shocked at hanging up on my daughter.

  10. OHHHHHHHH next thing ya know that thang is gonna do some head spins on its own and the language that will come outta its mouth will make a sailor blush. Best to drop it in the bathtub with some holy water. I hear that’s the only way to kill those suckers.

  11. Bwahahahahaha!!

  12. You could try sprinkling it with holy water, but maybe you should unplug it first? 😀

  13. OK, I think you just made a decision very easy for me LOL. I moved recently and didn’t bother getting a land line, but I have been second guessing just having my cell and debating VoIP or some other option. I’ve got enough problems without bringing a possessed phone into my life now. Thanks for the heads up. 😉


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