Apr 042012

Every year we seem to lose more and more of our grassy lawn to moss.  It’s almost like we have some sort of rainforest-type atmosphere sitting over our little homestead.

The sandy soil seems to take over any area that was previously covered with grass, and then the shade from the trees form a carpet of moss so that there is a beautiful illusion of a well manicured lawn.  From a distance.

While I was perusing Facebook earlier today, I came upon a photo that a friend shared from a page called Old Moss Woman’s Secret Garden.

I think this is a pretty spiffy idea!  We have plenty of moss and Creeping Charlie to cover most of it, and I guess could fill in empty spaces with pine cones and fallen pine branches.  Maybe I could transplant some of my Vinca next to it for some flowery accent.

Whaddya think?


  6 Responses to “I’ve Got Plenty of Moss for That”

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  1. I think it would work! Also think it is pretty cool! LOL

  2. yes you have the perfect place for that!!! I gave my teepee to Ruthy when her house burnt down….!!

  3. I knew you would like it!

  4. I think adding sparkling lights to it would give it a Fairy feel!

  5. I can so relate to the “illusion” of a nice lawn–from a distance! Mine looks nice from a distance too–and I am pretty happy with anything that is green!

  6. At least the moss cuts down on lawn mowing 😉

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