Oct 292012

It must mean you get your update on what happened with the shed this past weekend.

Well, the rest of the soffits got delivered and part of them got put on, and Rick started shingling the back part of the roof!

And I had some great pictures but… for some reason my camera got hungry and ate them.  I have no other explanation for where they went.  They were on the camera and then they were gone.

Bad camera.

We also had some company this weekend.  Nichole, Alexis and Kayla came for a visit, and Alexis must have thought that I needed to decorate the house a little bit since Halloween is fast approaching and I have nothing up to celebrate the occasion.

Well, this certainly does the trick (or treat… HA!) now doesn’t it!

Let me see… what else… Oh, we also took a little road trip on Sunday to Phillips, WI, where Rick had found this

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the Gellman 400 Bread Slicer.  It’s amazing the things that the man finds.  Years ago I was looking for a bread slicer, but they were way way out of my price range.  Apparently, this model is similar to one that Rick used years ago when he worked at a bakery (which I never knew… after all they years I’m still finding out stuff about him.)

The machine came with a wooden push paddle that has obviously pushed many loaves of bread into those razor-sharp blades.  The best part was that the silly thing runs like a charm!  With a little clean up (it was full of bread crumbs!) it will make short work of those wonderful loaves that I bake each week.

Now I just need to find room in the Kitchen for it.


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  1. Holy moly! That’s a biggun 🙂 Looks cool though, but I can see Thor chewing it… 🙂

  2. Now THAT I’d like to see 😉

  3. Ya trying to get to the crumblies 🙂

  4. That would be funny as hell!

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