Oct 302012

Around our house, if I don’t feel like making supper, Rick will often turn to the deep fryer to help him cook his evening meal.

With that said, the deep fryer gets used  A LOT.  And just like my shower, it is not something that I enjoy cleaning.  So once, maaaybe twice a year I will get a wild hair up my ass and give it a good cleaning.

Can you say ewwwwwww!  (I have actually had one caked up so bad that I didn’t even attempt to clean it.  It went right into the trash.)

And every time I tackle this dirty deed I make a promise to myself that I will never, ever let it get this bad again.  Anyone want to guess how many times I’ve kept that promise?

Let’s just say this about the whole experience:  Now I know why Rick hates changing the oil on the vehicles.  The sludge I got out of the bottom of the pan was worse than what comes out of my car every 3,000 miles.

Maybe I should just coordinate cleaning the deep fryer with the oil change for my car, that way we can compare which is worse.


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  1. What is truly amazing is that I got is sparkling clean… 3 hours later.

  2. So NASTY! And good idea about the 3k mile mark!

  3. Let’s see if I actually act on it 😉

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