Nov 012012

I had an ulterior motive the other day when I was cleaning the deep fryer.  Actually, I think that anyone that wants to put the time, effort and elbow grease into such a task has to either a) be out of their mind; b) bored out of their skull; or c) wants to cook something and not have it taste like it came from the greasy spoon down the street.

Unfortunately, I fell into all 3 of those categories with only a slight hint of “b”.

After all, lately Monday’s have been Suzie Frickin Homemaker day around the house, and I did have one recipe that I’d been wanting to try for weeks.

These little morsels of sweetness were found on my travels of the interwebs that led to, of all things, a website that specializes in Greek food.

Jacquline over at posted the recipe and photos and I immediately knew that these would be fantastic.  I have always loved Apple Fritters, and the thought of little bite-sized portions to nibble on put them high on my yummy scale.

I was a little disappointed at first with the amount of batter this recipe made;  I mean, it really was small.  But when I dropped the first blob in the fryer and it nearly doubled in size, that disappointment ran out the door.

If you try this recipe (and I’m hoping you will) start with only a small spoonful of the batter.  Mine took about 5 minutes to cook and even after that amount of time I was still worried that they wouldn’t be completely cooked.

Also, flatten the batter a little as this will give me more of a “fritter” look (like the pictures on her website).  Oh, and maybe dip the things in the icing instead of pouring it over (like I did).

No matter how you make them, I think that you love these as much as Rick did!


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  1. Ok, you have struck once again very close to my hubbys sweet tooth- he loves apple fritters!! And once again, I gotta ask….can I have the recipe??? How they look wouldnt be a concern….its how they taste, and if Rick likes them, I think we are all good! Maybe good with blueberries too??

  2. Boy they are good!, I think blueberries, or blackberries would be just ducky too. Suzie Frickin Homemaker you make Monday’s the best day of the week! LOL………..yum, yum, yum!

  3. Hope Roy didn’t drool on the keyboard 😉 Click the link for the recipe and enjoy!

  4. OK, I’ll make you another batch 🙂

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