Nov 152012

OK, so did you figure out what the mystery muffins were?  I’m sure that everyone was thinking “Carrot Cake,” right?

Yes, yes, that would be correct.  HOWEVER, there is a slight twist to that answer.  Me, being the baking rebel and all, could not make just ordinary carrot cake muffins.  I have to change it up a notch and be all unconventional.

First off, I tried the recipe not with the ordinary muffin tins (where’s the fun in that? ), but instead with my muffin top pan.  The tricky part about doing that is adjusting the cooking time because of the shallow pan.

Where the original recipe requires about 20 minutes to cook, mine only took about 14 minutes.  While they turned out just fine with this pan, I would have to say that they aren’t as moist as I would have wanted them to be, so perhaps pulling them out at 12 minutes would have produced a better product.

Now here is where the fun part came in:  where traditional carrot cake has that nummy cream cheese frosting *drool* that we all love on top of the cake, these little babies have it baked in the center.  How fun is that!

Again, because of the pan I used it wasn’t this huge glob as show in the original recipe, but I have to say I was quite happy with the result anyway.  You have this wonderful carrot cake and cream cheese flavor without getting frosting all over your face and/or fingers.  And, storing them is a cinch because you can stack them without working about smooshing the frosting!

Although I will have to tweak the recipe and baking time the next time I make them (Rick thinks I should add a touch of lemon juice to the frosting next time), I think that I’ve found another keeper to add to the recipe binder.


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  1. You’re a cooking genius! This is such an amazing idea for those chilly winter nights;-)

  2. Wow. I could easily be your taste tester!

  3. Mmmmmmmmm…………. sound so nums!!!!!

  4. Wish I could take the credit, but they are delicious!

  5. I think you’d have to wrestle Rick for that job 😉

  6. I think anything that has cream cheese is nummers 🙂

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