Jul 262012

Monday was my last day of vacation *sniffle* and I had a ton of crap I wanted to do in the morning so I could have the afternoon to relax before reality came crashing down.

In a span of 4 hours I:

  • Ran to 3 stores for groceries, cat litter and misc other crap we needed
  • Grabbed a bite from McDonalds (which I didn’t get to eat for another 2 hours)
  • Stopped at Rick’s shop (twice)
  • Canned pickles
  • Created and posted a blog post
  • Cleaned the litter boxes
  • Swept the floor from cleaning the litter boxes
  • Started a roast in the slow cooker for supper
  • Loaded and ran the dishwasher

And when I finally got done with all that I sat down and realized I was hungry again. Not HUNGRY  hungry, just in need of a little snack.  But what?  I wasn’t in the mood for fruit, and the Cheetos that have been my “go to” snack for the past week just wasn’t what I was looking for.

AHA!  I remembered that I had bought just the ticket at the grocery store that morning.  Something that I had never had before.

Am I the only one on the planet that has not had this stuff before?  I’ve always been a yogurt lover, and as a youngin’ I’d have to beg my Mom to buy me just one !

Occasionally I’ll find the notsoexpensive stuff on sale and stock up, but that’s kinda like a yearly thing, and then I’m good for a while.

So when I saw this stuff on the shelf it just called out to me.  (Maybe it was because they’ve been showing ads on TV 24/7 for another brand.  Who knows.)  It was a little on the spendy side, so indulging in just one wasn’t going to break the bank.

I’ve got to tell ya, I was a little apprehensive when I opened the stuff.  It was as thick as paste!  For a second there I thought maybe they had mislabeled a container of spackle.

Being the adventurer that I am (HA!) I took my first bite and… it wasn’t half bad.  Granted, I probably could have used it to plaster the walls if I didn’t like it, but I figured that I dished out $1.29 for that little cup I might as well eat it.

Will I buy it again?  Maybe, but only if it goes on sale.  Until then, I’ll just stick with my Cheetos.


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