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After all that planning and worry (yes, I know there was worry… what future bride doesn’t have that?), it was time to let go and celebrate!

The wedding reception was held at a local ski resort decorated to the nines!  Erik’s Mom and her friends put a lot of effort into decorating , and it clearly showed.

Do you think that I would get a picture of it?  Of course not.  I was too busy relaxing out on the deck in the beautiful sunshine before the wedding party showed up.

And when they did, it was in grand style, with the DJ announcing each couple.  It kinda reminded me of Rod Roddy from “The Price is Right” calling down the next contestant with just the right kind of music to get the place hopping.

The crowd went wild!

After getting settled in, the Groom got a chance to express his gratitude to everyone.

He didn’t even look nervous!

Actually, Erik is quite an eloquent speaker.

What a proud Mom he had.

And quite beautiful.

The Bride got her chance to thank everyone too, but apparently between the church and the reception, there was a little too much fun on the Party Bus and she lost her voice for a while.

No worries, she squeaked along just fine.

After a delicious meal and scrumptious cake, the dancing commenced.

And who better to start the night out but the Bride & Groom.

…followed by the Mother’s dance with her son

…and the Father’s dance with his daughter.

When the ever-popular “dollar dance” was finished, it was time to throw things.

When this girl throws the bouquet, she makes it happen!

Oh, and here we go again with the garter.

It was OK, he found it. (But I think he had a little too much fun looking for it…)

In true TKE* fashion, the men showed their love to Christine with a serenade.

As the night progressed, the party was in full swing!

And there was no age limit when it came to dancing.  The kids had a blast.

You know it’s a party when the photographer gets wrapped up in a song.

I don’t remember what the song was, but it sure did bring some spirit to the dance floor.

I really liked watching my daughters dance.  It doesn’t happen very often that you see them have so much fun together.

The night seems to go by way to quickly, and before I knew it things were starting to slow down.

The kids had used up every ounce of energy they had on that dance floor.  (No, Rick’s not asleep, I just happened to catch him mid-blink.)

After getting Nichole, Corey and the kids on their way, it was time to think about getting ourselves back to the hotel and collapse.

But not before getting a chance to watch Chris & Erik dance one more time.

Our family officially got a little bigger that day.


*Tau Kappa Epsilon.  This is the fraternity that Erik belonged to in college.

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  1. Wonderful pictures as usual!

  2. You did a beautiful job of capturing the evening. I had forgotten about Christine losing her voice! Christine was a beautiful, happy, glowing Bride and Erik was an equally handsome, happy Groom. The setting was beautifully decorated, food excellent. The staff at the resort was friendly and professional, the music was great. It was a nice day! I’m happy I got to share the day with them and family.

  3. We’re so happy that you, as well as so much of Rick’s family, could make it!!

  4. Great pictures, and great descriptions of the event, Sandy, as usual. I don’t see any pictures of the brides’s mama, though. ? But Christine was just beautiful.

  5. Funny how nobody got a pic of me, isn’t it?

  6. Thank you everyone!

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