Sep 252011


My Granddaughter Alexis turned 7 on Friday and I didn’t even announce it on this here blog.

I feel awful.  I mean, what self-respecting Grandma who loves her Grandchildren with all her heart forgets to do that?

Her Mama even came out of hibernation and did a lovely posting for her daughter.  Which I totally missed and was properly chastised for.

So, to make it up, I baked her a cake and bought her some presents that would make me the most loved person in the world.

But I cheated a little bit with the cake:  it was from a box.  Geez, I’m failing all over the place the last couple days ain’t I!

I did leave the decorating up to her Mama, because she brought up the decorations and candle since I forgot to buy any.


She really does some concentrating, eh?

Of course, I couldn’t help but to pick on her.  It’s just so hard to resist!

She prevailed despite my best efforts.  Good job Nichole!

I think we make it too easy on kids today when it comes to blowing out candles on their birthday cake.  One candle is all they have to aim for.

Back in the day, cakes were smothered in candles corresponding with the age of the honoree.  And if they couldn’t blow them all out in one breath, that was how many boys they would have to kiss (or something silly like that, because, remember, boys were icky at 7).  Heck, sometimes there was a prank candle that couldn’t be blown out.  Whatever happened to that?

And now that she is 7, Alexis was required to read each of the birthday cards out loud.  There were a couple words she had a hard time with, but her Mama was right there to help her along.

Now I don’t remember what this thing is called, but it looks like a big-headed Hello Kitty type toy.  I think you’re supposed to be able to go online with it and play games or something.

Can you tell how up-to-date I am on all the stuff for kids nowadays?

When Nichole told me Alexis wanted a Zhu Zhu Pet, I was like “A what??”  So I turned to the interwebs to educate me.

Apparently I didn’t get it completely right, because the first one I bought her was a “boy”.


Amazon comes to the rescue and delivered a “girl” critter just in time.

But being me, I had to up the ante a little.  These were, after all, Princess and Prince Zhu Zhu Pets, so they needed the Crystal Ballroom to dance around in.

Toy hamsters that dance in their own ballroom.  I think I’ve seen it all now folks.

But she was happy and I had redeemed myself.  I was the champion gift giver!

It was a great day.  The kids used up a ton of their energy running around the homestead, we had comfort food for supper and the birthday girl was celebrated with song and gifts.

And the cake turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

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  1. LOVE it!!! Wait, though….whatever happened to putting cake on the kids’ faces?! 😉 Okay, maybe that might just be a Brayden thing. Still funny! Glad everything went well and Alexis had a great birthday! Loves from Auntie Chris, Uncle Erik and Cousin Brayden!!!! <3 <3

  2. You are so NOT the world’s worst grandma! You did a wonderful job with the cake, I cheated with the cupcakes for her school, remember? LOL We both all over the place, though, with work the way it is, it’s not a surprise with you and I huh? I think we’ve both been properly forgiven by the children for our shortcomings lately. O, and just in case anyone wonders, Mom DID eat the cake, she just waited until I took the picture to take a bite. Brat. 🙂

  3. And it was a big bite. Nummy frosting. Mmmmmm….. chocolate…..

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