Sep 262011

Thor has been renamed Twitchy by Nichole.  They were having a love/hate relationship at the moment.  It was all about the catnip…

It was a showdown at the Big Bed Corral.

Nichole had something that Thor wanted, but she wasn’t going to give it up without some playful teasing first.

It was the catnip sock.  The one thing that Thor cannot resist.

She had it.

And he wanted it.

Thor tried the “stare down” approach, but he didn’t know how skilled his opponent was in this sport.  After a tie was declared, the teasing commenced.

This is the tricky part, because the proper technique needs to be used to keep the sock just out of reach of the swinging paws.

OH NO!  A momentary lapse of judgment!  Once he gets his claws in the sock, the tables are turned.  Thor has the upper paw.

He even tries the old standby “Give it up doll face, the game is over now” look.  Clearly, he thinks he can play mind games with a pro.

But Nichole knows how to try and throw Thor off of his game.  The good old “poke the nose” distraction is sure enough to get him to release the sock.

After this move, things turned a little ugly.  While the poke was semi-effective, one paw was still firmly on the sock but the other one swiped Nichole’s hand.

A temporary set-back.  After more teasing and a quick nip from Thor, it was time to declare a winner.

This round went to Thor.  A first win and great triumph by this young challenger.

You can bet that next time Nichole won’t be so easy on him.

And I’ll try to have his claws clipped so that injuries are kept down to a minimum.

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  1. Haha! I giggled so hard! I had fun, the war wounds have healed mostly. He had beginner’s luck I swear lol

  2. SO funny! As the owner of two cats myself, this battle was all too familiar… 🙂

    Stopping by from the SITS Girls forum. 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by Shannon!

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