Oct 182012

Nichole and I talk maybe once every 3 weeks.  Sometimes 2 weeks if we are lucky.  She is a busy woman, and I know this, so I let her call me when it’s convenient for her and we chat for what seems like hours, which is great because then we catch up on everything and we’re good for a couple of weeks.

On our last telephone convo, she had mentioned coming up to visit and I guess I really didn’t have my facts clear, because I mixed up the weekends of which kids would be home on what weekends.  So the other night I left her a message saying that this coming weekend would work out great for her, Alexis and Kayla to come up.  I told this to Rick unaware that he was making some plans of his own.

Well, I (in my old age) got the weekends and kids mixed up.  So she messaged me back and told me to pick one, which I did.  So I told Rick the situation, and this is when I found out that he was making plans to visit his folks on the weekend that was not the weekend that I thought the kids were coming up.

With me still? (because even I’m confused at this point).

Anywho, after leaving her several messages to find out if she got my message and getting no reply and wanting to give Rick an answer on when she was coming up, I said f*ck it, and decided to call her.

Ummm… this was a big mistake because I had forgotten that she had Parent Teacher conferences.  And I had just called her in the middle of one.

Worst Mother award goes to yours truly (I seem to be earning this a lot lately).

How could I forget this?  She told me about it when we talked on the phone (where we talked about 2 million things, but that’s not the point).

These are the times that I hate cell phones.  I interrupted her during a very important meeting for something that really could have waited for a reply back.

Yes, I am impatient.  I blame it on the invention of instant messaging and texting.  I say we go back to writing letters.  Sure, it took a while to arrive, but at least had the facts in writing.


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  1. Nah, you’re still the best Mom ever! I know it’s hard to remember, with us talking about two million things at once! And hey, we just talked for the 3rd time in a week tonight, how cool was that?! LOL Not sure if it’ll happen again anytime soon, but maybe! Love ya much Mama! Can’t wait to see you next weekend 🙂

  2. I’d say you’re a little biased, but I’ll take it 🙂 Love ya too!

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