Oct 222012

My Mother & I share something very important (besides being Mother and Daughter).

Our birthdays are one day apart.  Mine on the 21st, hers on the 22nd.

Before her illness took a firm grip on her many years ago, we always made it a point to do something together for our birthdays.  Sometimes it would be getting our hair done, or simply having a wonderful meal together at one of our favorite restaurants.  One of the last birthdays we spent together was doing something that she loved:  gambling.  I remember it so clearly like it was yesterday and can still see the smile on her face when she would win a few quarters, and shoving money into my hand to play a machine next to her.

We had a great bond, one that could not, and will not, be broken.

So even though we can’t go and have lunch or have our hair done, we will still spend today together.

Happy Birthday Mom.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDY (one day late) Birthday’s just add one more number to your years(:

  2. Thanks Mabel!

  3. This is such a lovely tribute to your mother, Sandy. I’m sure she is pleased.

  4. Thanks Laurie 🙂

  5. Hey there, Happy Belated Birthday!! Had I realized that, i would have tendered that wish in person last night

  6. No worries Eva, you and the kids stopping by was a great present!

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