Jan 022013

It is days like today that it is totally obvious that we live in a male dominated society.  Because it is clear on so many levels that a man does not have to go through the level of pain that a woman does to look good.  (Or presentable enough as to not have the people she comes into contact with running and screaming in terror.)

Today was the day that I had to do something that I hate.  Loathe, even.

I had to pluck my eyebrows.  Every woman who just read that is shaking their head in agreement.

Now you would think that after all these years my skin would toughen up enough that when I pull those miniscule hairs that it wouldn’t be such a painful experience.  Riigghhhhttttttt.  That would be like saying to someone who has just delivered her fifth child “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

I supposed I could take the easy route and just have some gal in a beauty salon wax my eyebrows, and in fact I have done that exactly once in my life.  Here again, there is still that level of pain that must be endured.

Once more, must have been thought up by a man.  I can just picture a couple of guys throwing back some beers and to liven up the conversation one pipes up “What if we put some boiling hot wax on the eyelid, put a piece of paper over it and ripped the hair out!  That would certainly quicken the process and then my wife can have more time to cook me dinner/wash my clothes/rotate the tires on the car.

The man probably won a Pulitzer Prize.

One day a few years ago I was in the bathroom doing this dastardly deed and my husband walked into the room.  He stood there for a couple of minutes and watched me.  I turned to look at him and he had this strange look of pain on his face.  I thought he was going to be sick.

I think of that moment every time he has to tackle his nose hairs.

I just love Karma.


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  1. Why not just shave the eyebrows off? Oh and regarding the nose hair, i just let them grow now, they just flow into my mustache………..can’t even see them, {:<)

  2. It’s like shaving your beard… too much work 😉

  3. If this get’s past the captcha…I’ll consider it an abundant new year! You guys are too funny….the day may come when no hair might be the difficulty….and the hair problem might be the upper lip….er uh Sandy….I’ll just leave it at that…..not that I have those problems…lol….happy new year…..!

  4. YAY! Made it past the captcha! Well, if the hair makes it to my upper lip, then Rick & I can have matching mustaches… or I’ll join the circus.

  5. Bwahaha! Karma rocks 🙂

  6. Yes it does!

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