Jan 032013

I never thought that I’d see this day.  Actually, I’m quite surprised.  Many times I’ve thought “Why the hell am I doing this?  Nobody wants to read about the crap that goes on in my life.

But surprisingly (and perhaps rather frighteningly), people do.

Dang, you guys are weird.

I didn’t know how to create a blog and I certainly was no writer (as evidenced by the badly phrased sentence), but I thought that I’d throw some stuff out there that was clogging up my brain so I could make room for more useless drivel to swirl around.

What started out as a need to chase away Winter boredom and utilize the domain that Rick had acquired for me many years earlier has turned into a play-by-play reality-thon of my life.

For the last 2 years I’ve shared with you my love/hate relationship with the squirrels, shown the many antics of Thor and observed how close we really are to the local bear population.

You’ve had front row seats to my Daughter’s wedding and also provided your support when I was dealing with a negative reaction to one of my posts.

I’ve brought you into my garden and cried on your shoulder when I lost some of my crops to the critters that live in the area.

As of today, I have shared 476 stories of my life on this blog.  When I saw that number I almost fainted.  Did I really have that much to write about that people would want to read?

Maybe it’s not the “content” of the blog but perhaps the comment section that you find so entertaining.  It’s like a virtual community get-together.  And when my family chimes in with their own 2 cents it’s an all out party!

I love audience participation.

And I love each and every one of you for sticking with me all this time.  Your comments and emails put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.

A special shout-out to my tech support and web-hoster Rick.  Without you, none of this would have been possible.


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  1. I am very proud of your blog, it is something I look to everyday.
    Thanks for putting it out there. And you still can make me laugh!


    Grumpy ol’ Man..

  2. Huzzah! Congrats Mama!

  3. Thanks Colie! I’m glad that my family can provide so much of my blog fodder 😉

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