Jun 222011

When Nichole and Corey come for a visit, they usually bring two cars since they don’t have enough room to fit 5 kids and 2 adults plus the necessary extras like clothes, toys, etc., into one car.

Also, I always get a text from Nichole letting me know when they are on their way, and generally one or two more if they stop for potty breaks/food or when they are getting close, so we know when to expect them.

Along with the texting is always my standard chiding about texting while driving.  I can’t help it, I know how distracting cell phones are (I own one too), and I couldn’t even imagine trying to text while I was driving.

I’m just not that talented.

So the following is the texting conversation that occurred last Friday evening.

Nichole:  (5:41 pm)  en route 🙂

Nichole:  (5:42)  🙂

Me: (5:43) 🙂

Me:  (5:44) Quit texting and driving 🙂

Nichole:  (5:44) lol

Nichole:  (6:32)  leaving men (this is the town of Menomonie, which is 30 miles from their house)

Me:  (6:24)  Kk

Nichole:  (7:26)  rice lake (about 45 minutes from our house)

Me:  (7:27)  Woot!

Nichole:  (7:27)  looks like rains comin

*Here’s where the texts start to fly*

Nichole:  (7:55) 70 (the highway they get to that is 30 miles from our house)

Nichole:  (7:56)  Had potty break on wayside

Me:  (7:56)  Love the updates lol

Nichole:  (7:57)  Thought u would 🙂

Me:  (7:58)  Lol!!

Me:  (7:59) Quit texting while driving!

Nichole:  (8:00)  Lol

Nichole:  (8:00) ponds r green

Nichole:  (8:02)  well that was a biggun! ooooo horsies!

*About this time I’m starting to become a little suspicious… there are LOTS more texts than normal, and they are a lot longer than they should be, if Nichole was driving.  So I up it a notch.*

Me:  (8:02)  You know this could quite possibly end up as a blog post

Nichole:  (8:04)  lol blog if u dare

Me:  (8:04)  Quit texting while driving!!

Nichole:  (8:05)  Bring it 🙂

Me:  (8:05)  Game on!

Me:  (8:06)  Bwahahahaha!!

Corey:  (8:06)  Hi be there in fifteen

Me:  (8:08)  Kk  quit texting while driving

Corey:  (8:08)  Lol :-p

Me:  (8:10)  Let me guess, nichole brought you into this little game 🙂

Nichole:  (8:09) Evil mama

Me:  (8:11) 🙂

Corey:  (8:10)  Who dat?

Me:  (8:12)  Lol

Nichole:  (8:11)  Hehehe

Nichole:  (8:11)  Hehehe

Me:  (8:15)  Evil child 🙂

Nichole:  (8:14)  wonder where I get it?

Me:  (8:16)  You’re dad.  now quit texting while driving

Nichole:  (8:17)  Lol sure blame it on him

Me:  (8:18)  🙂

Nichole:  (8:18)  be there in 3

Sure enough, they pull into the driveway 3 minutes later and confirm what I had been thinking.

They got themselves a vehicle that could fit the whole family, and they wanted to surprise us, which they certainly did!

It’s used, but they got a good deal on it and with all those kids, they needed something that would fit everybody.

And the texts from Corey?  That was Nichole on his phone.

Sneaky little #&@*!

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  1. *giggles* I’m so funny 🙂

  2. Yes you are 🙂

  3. Hahahaha That’s awesome!

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