Jun 202011

When Nichole and Corey came up a couple weekends ago, they wanted to take Rick & I out for an Anniversary supper.  It was imperative to Nichole that we choose the joint, but since our favorite restaurant had closed, we just couldn’t wrap our head around some place that we really wanted to go.

So we let Nichole give us her idea, and we ran with it.

Famous Dave’s has their first BBQ restaurant located in our area. (Fun fact:  “Famous” Dave Anderson is an LCO tribal member.  Who knows, it could be useful in Trival Pursuit or Jeopardy.)

Before you even get in the restaurant, you are surrounded by beautiful flowers that just begged to have their picture taken.

They had more varieties of Columbines than I had seen in my life.

And don’t get me started on the Bleeding Hearts.  Not only was there pink…

…they had to throw in white just to make my heart flutter.

And this Blue Heaven?  I think I drooled a little when I saw it.

Maybe I was just hungry from the smell permeating from the restaurant.

What, you think that I’m the only camera crazy person in the family?

We had 20 minutes to wait before being seated, so the guys left us alone to snap away.

And since we are in the Northwoods, no place is complete without wood carvings with Eagles nestled amongst the flowerbeds…

…or just strategically situated around the grounds.

How’s that for greeting your customers?

Don’t worry, she got me back.

Did I happen to mention that it was located on the water?

They have a wonderful set-up outside for dining or just enjoying an evening of drinks with friends.

But we decided that indoors was the place for us.  Bad part is, the lighting was pretty crappy in the restaurant for photos, so please excuse the quality of what’s next.

Now, if you’ve ever been to (or heard of) Famous Dave’s, you know that they are known for their BBQ.  And what goes better with that than sauce, specifically ones that have been created by the restaurant sporting interesting names like…

…Devil’s Spit.  This stuff begged to be tried.  There was a challenge being implied simply by the name.

So we did.

Nichole is always up for a dare.

Truth be told, we only took samples on our fingers to play it safe.

And it was good, with a nice little after-burn.

And when we saw this one, we had to get a picture just for Rick’s Mom.

Nichole & Corey decided to split “The Garbage Can”, which was an assortment of BBQ chicken, ribs, pork, beans, coleslaw and wedge fries, all served on a garbage can lid.  It is gooooood.

Rick & I tried their prime rib.  D E L I C I O U S!!

And since Nichole let it slip on purpose told the waiter that it was our anniversary, we received a complimentary ice cream sundae for dessert.


It was a wonderful night of great food and family, and I’m so glad that they made the special trip up just to help us celebrate our 20th.

So what did we do after we were done eating?  Well, we went to the casino, of course.

After all, they didn’t have the kids along with them, so they needed to have some fun too.

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  1. I was wondering when this post was coming! Beautiful pics Mama!

  2. Well, you kinda pushed me along with your post yesterday 😉

  3. Love it!

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