Jun 192011

To start off, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

There, I got that out of the way.

Moving on, Rick & I spent the day at an auction that was behind the house and down the street.  If we hadn’t gone, I think that the sound of the auctioneer from the loudspeaker would have drove me crazy all day long.

Rick likes auctions, and since this one was so close it would have been a crime not to go.  We could walk there and come home whenever we needed to.

Here are my general observances from today’s experience:

  • It is amazing how many people I knew there.  It’s almost like a family reunion without the hugs.
  • People. Will. Buy. Anything. For. A. Dollar.
  • The people that show up for these things are dressed slightly better than when they go to Walmart.
  • The auctioneer must have had a bladder made of steel.  He went for 5 hours straight without needing to go to the bathroom, yet drank about 2 gallons of water.
  • It is totally acceptable for children and/or dogs to run around wild.
  • It must be a rule that hot dogs/brats/pop be sold by the auction company (I think this is where they make the real money).  Now if they would have sold beer, they really would have seen those bids go higher.

All in all it was a very pleasant day, and the weather cooperated nicely.  Rick walked away with some great deals, including a radial arm saw and an air compressor that sold so cheaply he was sweating it a little wondering what was wrong with them.  There are never guarantees at things like this, so you take your chance and hope for the best.

Bonus:  They both work!  He’s in heaven.

He now says that if he ever gets laid off from work, he’ll have something to do.

I reminded him that he owns his own company, so he couldn’t use that as an excuse.

He ignored my comment and walked away with a great big grin on his face.


You might be wondering if I gave him a Father’s Day present.

Yes I did, only it was combined with his anniversary present last month.  It’s not easy buying gifts for Rick, because it has to be something that he’ll really use.  And those fall into 3 major categories:  Tools, espresso and anything related to computers.

A pressure washer is something that he’s been talking about for a while, and when he mentioned it again a couple months back, I knew he still had interest and set about finding one that would meet his standards.

He loves it and he’s already cleaned the outside of the house with it.  When he has fun with his tools, it doesn’t seem so much like work when he uses them.

At least that’s my observation.

He may tell you differently.


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  1. *shakes head* Dad and auctions… did you get anything? Sounds like he got quite the deal!

  2. He’s quite the shopper 😉 . I got a box of old crochet magazines. Love those things!!

  3. Glad you guys had a great day!!

  4. It really was fun… and relaxing!

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