Jul 152013

As usual, things are going great guns on the studio.

The electricians made it over last week to get the lights hooked up as well as all the electrical outlets.


I now have an outdoor light for those late nights of jewelry making, and I took full advantage of it over the weekend.


I just adore the main floor light that we picked out!  It gives off just the right amount of light for the small space with a touch of elegance.


Since the pitch of the roof is kinda wonky due to the loft, we had to find a pretty small fan/light.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so small but it kicks out the jams in the light department and throws a bit of air around.

Just what it’s supposed to do.


Rick also got a start on the siding.  We were lucky to get this nice cedar siding from an online auction at a fraction of what it would have cost to have bought it from the store.


It really should have been a 2 person job, and I helped when he needed me to snap lines and I even got up on the planks despite my fear of heights.

I’m a real trooper I tell ya.

Unfortunately everything came to a standstill Sunday when I heard a gawd awful crash.  I know the sound of ladders being moved, but this sounded more like a crash and I B-lined it out of the house with my heart racing.

As the wife of a semi-retired carpenter, I always worry about accidents, especially when your husband thinks he has the agility of a monkey scampering from tree to tree and he has performed death-defying feats hundreds of times with no incidents what-so-ever.

Yes, I’m married to such a man.

But when I rounded the corner and saw ladders and planks askew and our friend Mainard leaning over my husband sprawled on the ground, well let me just tell you… I was as scared as I’ve ever been in my life.

Rick was conscious and doing his own little assessment of what hurt.  Despite me wanting to call an ambulance, Rick wouldn’t have it.  Mainard helped him up and I toted him to the ER.

That 20 minute trip seemed to take F O R E V E R!

X-rays, welcoming pain meds and 2 hours later we saw the pictures of his left wrist and he had broken it in several places.


Since Doctors like to torture their patients with making them wait several days to actually FIX the problem (because they want the swelling to go down), he has an appointment on Tuesday in Rice Lake with a specialist and hopefully (crossing fingers) have surgery that day to put pins in his wrist.


Bottom line:  Rick is out of commission for quite a while and we will have to find somebody to finish siding the building.


Which frankly, at this moment, I could really care less about.  The guy took a drop of over 8 feet and the worst that happened was a broken wrist.

Good thing I have this week off because I’ll be playing nurse.

Minus the sexy fantasy getup that I’m sure Rick would love to see me in.

His wrist might be broken, but his libido wasn’t hurt a bit.


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  1. “His wrist might be broken, but his libido wasn’t hurt a bit.” Hey, you can’t keep a good man down! 🙂
    Fantasy outfit? Hmmm.

    Seriously, Rick is very lucky he wasn’t more seriously injured. Hope he can get fixed soon. His wrist, that is.


  2. Sign me up! Organize a work crew weekend. I can pound a nail, cut lumber and climb a ladder and bring a dish to pass for lunch! August 3rd would be a good weekend and we can have it done in time for Rick birthday the 8th.

  3. the studio is looking great!! and Rick’s tricky wrist…..well say that 3 times and before ya know it…he’ll be up on the ladder again in no time…..glad he’s okay….bet he’s looking at that side of the studio and saying “just a couple more and I would have had this side done” hey like the new captcha!!

  4. Thanks again for the call last night, Mom! Like I said, glad to know Dad is okay, but like you said I have to keep saying to myself, “It’s my dad!” lol

  5. I could never keep him down Laurie ;-).

  6. Sounds great Roxy, but you’ll have to clear it with the boss first and get it on his schedule.

  7. Too tired to even attempt saying it once Patty!

  8. Yep, it’s your Dad 😉

  9. Ok Thought I better comment here. First Thank You all for your well wishes. Second I have no idea what libido means, Sandy would you explain it? While playing nurse in that nurse costume? 😉 Always wondered why you had that hanging in the closet. Took me 22 years to find out…..So what do ya think? Will he have it done by first snow?

  10. This is why I am married to this man folks.

  11. Hi Rick and Sandy….the studio looks AMAZING!! All of your hard work and time spent gathering just the right materials has more than paid off….and it would figure, when so close to being almost done, this would happen. Rick, hope you heal up quick ( and let it heal up right!) and with as little pain as possible….I can just see you figuring out how to hang siding in a sling, lol, just try to restrain yourself from doing it!

  12. I’m already having to restrain him Eva 😉

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