Jul 292013

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:  we have some truly wonderful people in our lives.

When Rick broke his wing a couple weeks ago we knew that we would have to find someone to finish siding the studio, and it didn’t take long before that help arrived.


Chris and his wife Bonnie have sided houses before, but working with Cedar is a new medium for them.


They are such a fantastic team, and they make sure that their son CJ learns the trade right along side them.


And I’m always in awe of a woman who isn’t afraid to climb up that ladder and get the job done.

(I, on the other hand, am deathly scared of heights, which gets a chuckle out of Rick every time he makes me climb higher than 4 feet to help him.)

Not only have they been kicking butt on the siding, but their son even mowed our lawn.  With a push mower! (We have a BIG yard)


And if you thought that just because Rick broke his wrist that he wouldn’t try to help in some way, well you were soooooo wrong.

I busted him a couple times cutting wood.

I swear that man is trying to give me grey hairs.


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  1. Mom, remember, “blondes don’t go grey”….Lol

  2. Aw, such awesome people! Thanks to the 3 of them! And remember Mom, would you expect any less from Dad?

  3. I never know what to expect from your Dad 😉

  4. I know, I appear to be going brunette!

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