May 282012

To say that the weather this year has been weird would be an understatement.

March was like May, April was like July, and May is turning out to be like April.

It has been rainy and stormy for the past week, which is good for the garden that has been planted for almost a month now (and in a normal year would not have happened until this week).

We have had pitch black conditions outside at 11 am and sunny skies 20 minutes later.   Gale force winds have been the norm.  If it wasn’t nailed down, kiss it bye-bye.

The rain has been so hard that we were re-introduced to the low-lying areas of our property, creating small ponds that darted throughout the yard.

Skuttlebutt has it that we’ve received over 7 inches of rain for the past week.

So I really shouldn’t have been too surprised to see this little fella roaming around the yard the other day crying for its Mama.

I’m sure I looked like a moron trailing after him trying to get a photo, but I didn’t care.  He was just too cute to pass up.


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  1. About 2 weeks ago or so, we had some in the storm drain across the road from us. Thankfully Animal Control was able to get them all out!

  2. Poor things!

  3. Ain’t it!

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