May 232012

The neighborhood was alive with the sound of chainsaws last weekend.

The crew was ready to tackle the rest of the trees that needed to come down on the 2 lots across the street

And being the gentlemen that they are, they let the female in the group climb 20 feet up the ladder to set the chain.

Not just once… twice.

This gal had more balls than that whole group of guys.  I bow to her.

The last tree for the day was a little tricky.  It was an ungodly tall (over 80 feet) birch that had 2 challenges:

– The bottom 3 feet was rotten, so it had to be sawed off up higher, making it hard to aim where it would fall

– It was leaning to the side ever so slightly, which meant it was either going to fall into our yard possibly taking out a fence, or down the middle of the road (where we wanted it)

This was going to take some concentration.  But if there was anyone who I would trust with this challenge, it would be our good friend Gary (aka The Tree Whisperer).

This guy can tell if a tree was dead on the inside just by looking at it.  He can aim a tree to fall precisely where he intends it to go without fail.  The guy is the best!

Here goes nothing!

BOOM!  Right down the middle of the road.  Perfect!

They had to work quickly to clear it up, so all the chainsaws got pulled out and revved up.

I can’t thank these people enough for all the hard work they have been putting in getting these lots cleared for us.

If you want to see a quick video of that last tree coming down, Rick and I both recorded it.  The downside to this little flick is that we both had our cameras tilted vertically, which means you have to watch it sideways (which sucks).