May 172012

We had a little visitor the other night.

Garbage day is Wednesday in the wee hours of the morning, so we have to set the can out the night before.

We hadn’t had any trouble with bears for the last couple years, but when I heard that familiar crash outside the window, I knew exactly what it was.

Naturally, I went to get my camera and quietly snuck out the front door onto the porch to see if I could get some pictures. *

He must have heard me because he shot back into the woods.

No matter, I knew he’d be back.  So I patiently waited while he paced back and forth in the woods.

Rick was nice enough to stand in the doorway and keep me company.

And I was right!  But before he could completely demolish our dumpster, Rick came out of the doorway to scare him away for good.

But he wasn’t just going to yell.  He had the handgun with him.

And one bullet.  No, he wasn’t going to shoot the bear (I made sure of that).  He just wanted to get his point across that we aren’t fans of cleaning up his mess.


The ringing in my ears didn’t stop for 5 minutes.

The bear must of got the hint because we didn’t see hide nor hair of him the rest of the night.

And our garbage can was upright and in one piece the next morning when I got up.

Oh, and Rick decided to load the clip for the gun with bullets (plural) just in case I ever need it.

I’m glad he takes such good care of me.


*Sorry for such crappy photos.  I guess my settings were a tad off.  I’ll try to do better next time.



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  1. Bears everywhere here, no more walks in the woods for awhile….momma’s and babies, swans and moose……starting to get a bit stir crazy here at work…..last of 7 days today! Miss ya!

  2. I don’t think he’ll be coming back around your neck of the woods for a while!

  3. Wow, biggin!

  4. I hope not. I’m paranoid now when I go out to check on my gardens.

  5. Moose and swans and bears… OH MY! LOL 🙂

    Hope you have something fun and relaxing planned for your time off. Miss you too sis!

  6. He actually got a little pissed that we were watching him. He huffed and stomped his front paws… never seen anything like it before.

  7. LMAO Temper Tantrum Bear!!!! 😉

  8. Found out today that since I was in a squatting position on the deck, to a bear that is a “fight” stance.


  9. Whoops!

  10. Whoopsie Daisy – that garbage burglar looks serious!!

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