Nov 242012

Thanksgiving morning greeted us with sunny skies and balmy temps in the 50s (yes, that is balmy for November 22nd in the Northwoods).  It was perfect weather for our trek south to Nichole’s to celebrate the holiday.

And while the women folk were gabbing and putting the grub together, Grandpa and a couple munchkins took the opportunity to play cards.

Old Maid, to be precise.  Given Rick’s love of cards, he was able to keep his poker face when he had “the card” and squeals of laughter and competition filled the house.

Nichole is a wonderful cook (even though she doesn’t give herself much credit) and I loved watching her get the meal together.  Having to wrangle 5 kids and prepare a Thanksgiving feast is no small feat, but she handled it like a seasoned pro.

Let me just say something about those rolls:  pure nummyness!  If the turkey wasn’t supposed to be the centerpiece of the meal, those would have easily taken it’s place hands down.

When Corey came in from hunting, she quickly made it clear that it was his duty to carve the bird.

This did not set well with him.

I don’t know why because I think he did a great job!  I told him if you can cut up a deer, a turkey should be a cinch!

He may or may not have growled at me.

After we all had wayyyyy to much to eat, it was time to assume the traditional park-yourself-in-front-of-the-TV position and let all that nummy food settle so that it could make room for pie.

The movie Brave was cued up and all the kids (including the biggest one) snuggled into the living room while Nichole & I cleaned up and had some Mother/Daughter time.

Before we knew it, it was time to make the trek back home before the snow hit the Northwoods (which it did precisely 1 hour after we got home).

Another Thanksgiving, another set of memories to add to the book.  I can’t help but think that before long those little kids will be making the meal and Nichole & I can sit on the sidelines and watch.

But then again, that would mean they were older which would make me older.  This thought does not sit well with me at the moment.

I think I want to keep them young and playing with grandpa a little longer.


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  1. Thanks Mama! I’m glad you enjoyed the meal, and yes, the rolls were delicious! Even after my hissy fit when they were frozen 🙂 Corey growls at a lot of things, it’s okay lol

  2. It must have been your “delicate” handling of the rolls that made them so good 😉

  3. Bwahahahaha!!! Mustard been 🙂

  4. Whoops! Must be the cold talking, I meant must’ve been :@)

  5. I like the “mustard been” LOL!

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