Dec 062012

Since this week has somehow developed an “animal” theme, I thought that I would throw in one more just for good measure.

And I just happen to have some great pictures that I took over the Thanksgiving holiday that will fit the bill quite nicely.

Who better to start off the party than with Thor.

This cat just begs to be in front of the camera.  Until of course, he wants to eat.  Or hide under the bed.

Now here I’d like you to meet Skeeters.  This little cutie is one of Nichole’s barn cats that came to live at her homestead this past summer.

I’ve always said that I love Thor’s eyes, but this little sweetie is giving him a run for his money.

Barn cat #2 is Dynamite.  He may look like he’s a little pissed off, but it was the only way I could get a picture of his gorgeous face.

He was a little camera shy, but such a little lover kitty.

I think I could stare at this face all day long.  This is the little cutie Nova that I introduced you to back in May.

She has grown up so much and surprised me with how friendly she has become.  She definitely has developed a purrsonality!

Thank you for indulging in my little version of Wild Kingdom this week.  It wasn’t planned, but sometimes you just gotta work with what ya got!


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  1. Love all the pictures! Yes, Skeeters has such a feline look, I love it! And Dy just doesn’t wanna stop moving unless he’s sleeping 🙂

  2. Dynamite loved the camera, or should I say the person holding it 😉

  3. Where is Calico? The coolest cat this side of the Peko’s? Forgot ‘er, eh?

  4. Did not forget her, she just deserves a post all her own.

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