May 302012

Despite all the crazy weather we’re having, the garden seems to be doing pretty good.

My original 40 tomato plants are down to 39 now.  Some wayward gust of wind tore one of my babies right off an inch above the soil.

The extra 10 or so that I didn’t have room for (I think I may have overdid it… whaddaya think?) went to Nichole and they are now residing in the nice rich soil in the southern part of the state.

The 18 cumber plants are learning how to climb up the inverted tomato cages.  Some of them are being very difficult students, but I’m working with them every night with lots of encouragement.

The extra 6 that didn’t fit in the garden (I’m really seeing an overage pattern here) are nestled up against the fence line, where I’m hoping they’ll turn into a pretty green wall over the next couple months.

I haven’t been out to the farm in the past week to see how the 100 popcorn and 100 sunflower (a tad overkill??) are doing, but I’m sure I’m not missing anything.  It will be another week until I see real progress there.

Peas are emerging by their trellis and the peppers and dill are getting ready in the greenhouse for their new adventure in the great outdoors.

If the planned frost rumors don’t pan out (crossing fingers), and I don’t loose anymore plants to errant storms and/or bug infestations, my calculations show that I will be canning until 2014.

I guess my green thumb still works.

Maybe too good.


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  1. Maybe a touch overdone lol, but I’m thankful for it! I lost one (maybe two, not sure) mater plants, but the rest are looking strong!

  2. It’s always sad when one doesn’t make it, but I hope you get lots of fruit from the ones that are left!

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