Jun 042012

Since I was doing my normal Monday running around, I decided to stop by the farm and check out the two crops that I planted a couple weeks ago.

The extension department at the college has a wonderful program for our community.  They let you have a plot of land (free), till it up for you (free) and let you plant to your heart’s content!

They also provide a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that can either be paid for monetarily or you can invest for sweat equity working on the farm.  Either way, it’s a “win-win” situation!

Last Fall, Todd (the manager of the farm) expanded the operation to include eggs.  What started out as just a few chicks has grown into a couple dozen characters, each with their own personality.

It’s brings back lots of memories of my Grandma’s farm when I hear those roosters crowing!

This guy appears to be in charge because He Doesn’t Shut Up.

The biggest kick I get out of that whole brood are the ducks that mingle amongst the chickens.  This pair always seems inseparable.  And what the hell does he have in his mouth??


And apparently the chickens don’t mind having them around.  It’s one big happy family!

Besides all the vegetables that are grown for the CSA, the herbs take center stage.  Signs are displayed showing the name in English with it’s Latin counterpart…

as well as English and Ojibwa (it is a Tribal College farm, after all).

I’m always pulled towards this patch of Fringed Sage.  I love running my hands through it and smelling that wonderful aroma!


So after I came back down to earth, I remembered the real reason for my visit:

Yeah, doesn’t look like much does it?

But amongst all those weeds (which I really need to work on) are popcorn

and sunflowers.  I’d say that 95% of my seeds came up, which means that come fall I could have a buttload of harvesting to do.  But we still have a long 3 months to get through that involve extreme heat/storms/wind that could wipe everything out in a nanosecond.

Such is the life of a gardener.


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  1. Love the photos, wanna pet the ducks! 🙂

  2. OMG, they have grown so much in 2 weeks! (I want to pet them too 😉 )

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