Oct 092012

We had a few days of blustery weather here in the Northwoods.  All those beautiful Fall leaves sure had a workout trying to stay on their branches.

In only a few short hours the yard was covered by nature’s carpet.  Unfortunately there are still more to come down so we won’t get these raked up yet.

I’m not the only one around these parts who seems to think that the pine trees are shedding more than usual this year.  Usually this is caused by stress or not enough water, but I thought we had a pretty good amount of rain this year.

Whatever the reason, I’m hoping that when the growing season starts next Spring, there will be bright green needles dotting the branches.

What we don’t need this time of year is that evil white stuff, which made a brief appearance last Friday night.   Thank goodness the ground is still too warm for it to have left a lasting impression.

But if rumors of fat deer and critters are an omen of what the weather has in store for us this Winter, it could be a doozy!

And to my friend Eva:  This is NOT helping!


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  1. I’m not sure if I’m that ready LOL 🙂

  2. I know I’m not, Anna!

  3. LOL!!! Trust me, I am among the last that wants fattened animals fortelling lots of the nasty white stuff and bitter cold, even the weather we are having now! But this one got me to laughing, given our mutual vendetta with them! Some days with no wind and sunlight would be so welcome right now! But anyways…did Rick ever make you up some of those spinning stick style squirrel feeders(entertainers)? I think this guy would be a riot to watch on one of those!!

  4. Nope, he never got around to it (he’s pretty busy on another project 😉 ). I agree, little tubby there would be great laughs on something like that!

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